Best Free VR Apps for Android Therefore, here in this article, we will bring you the best virtual reality applications available that will offer you the most incredible variety of sensations.

If you’ve never tried virtual reality, leave these applications open-mouthed.

House of Terror

This application puts us in a house of terror from which we must leak. It presents more truthful graphics in a somewhat dark and hazy atmosphere. To get the best of this application, you want a Bluetooth switch since this application gives you complete liberty of action.

You can move through the strips with the joystick and co-operate with some house rudiments. This sense of control and freedom makes it one of the best virtual reality applications of the moment.

 InMind VR Best Free VR Apps for Android

It is one of the best virtual reality applications on the Google Play Store. Searching for parasites that must remove with our aid and VR game that allows you to travel through the brain’s neural network.

The graphics are humble but very well executed and accompany each other ideally to give and feel a great and realistic environment. It may become a reality shortly, and surgeons can easily interact in this way during surgeries.

Roller Coaster VR Attraction

Roller coaster simulators have emerged as one of the primary uses of virtual reality. This roller coaster is set in the middle of a tropical island that features pretty graphics that are enough to make you feel real.

Although the speed achieved is acceptable, although not as fast as some Oculus Rift demos, this aspect may be appreciated by those less drawn to risk.

Titans of Space Best Free VR Apps for Android

It’s one of the first Oculus Rift demos and one of the most successful since its launch for its sense of immersion and depth.

It’s a spacewalk in which we’ll travel around our solar system onboard a ship, observing each of the planets that make it up, as well as satellites and more surprising elements.

Fulldive VR Virtual Reality

It is an all-in-one virtual reality stage compatible with Google Cardboard and Daydream headsets. it is also a 100% user-generate virtual reality content and navigation platform.

Besides, Fulldive VR virtual reality allows you to browse and view a new generation of media to view and enjoy 3D and 360 photos and videos.

VR X Racer Aero Racing Games

A VR version of X-Racer offers two game modes, a handheld model and a virtual reality mode. Not only that, this well-known VR X racer game was once voted as the best virtual reality game for Android and received thousands of compliments all over the world.

Sites in VR

Would you like to do a world tour? Then don’t worry because now you don’t have to travel for a world tour because with this excellent VR app, you can take virtual tours of landmarks from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Kuwait and Yemen, Macedonia, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece and also in space.

BBC Earth: Leben in VR ,Best Free VR Apps for Android

This VR is an official BBC request made for Android which allows us to experience the natural world in a very different and immersive way.

Of course, with the help of this excellent application, BBC Earth: Life in VR, you can meet one of the furriest animals in the world, experience life on a microscopic scale and dive into the deep ocean with giant sea creatures.

These are the best free VR (Virtual Reality) applications for Android on Google Play Store. I hope this article has helped you! Please share it with your friends too. If you know of other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.