Looking for the best high-end computer ?. The kit below offers the best CPU and GPU power balance and other high-end parts to turn your room into a natural NASA base.

The goal: maximize every dollar without skimping on the things that everyone else does. Like a quality power supply and hard drive. This is how we make sure that your high-end PC meets all the requirements!

Firstly, the person who is looking to build a high-end computer is usually to play very demanding video games. If this is your case and you are looking for a high-end gaming computer, we would like to take the opening to tell you that this proposal will be a safe bet so that all today’s games perform at their best.

What will you find in this Guide to Configure the Best High-End Computer?

Moreover, we have prepared a selection of components with which you will ensure that you have a high-end computer! Want some initial brush strokes?

We have included the new beast from Intel, the new Core i5-1240, a six-core, 12-thread CPU that is the top value for money you can find on the market right now, thanks to its avant-garde architecture Alder Lake. We’ve backed it up with a great graphics card in the Radeon RX 6600 XT 8GB from AMD, which is some of the best on the GPU market right now.

But we will not tell you more if you want to know the rest… Keep reading what will be the components of your future high-end PC!

We’ve also included an option for those of you who don’t want to have to build your high-end PC: a fully-built high-end PC alternative. Go for it!

First alternative: Buy your high-end computer in parts

1. High Quality Gaming Headset: HyperX HX-HSCF-BK Cloud Flight Gaming Helmets

Every high-end PC worth it is salt should have good headphones, and considering that the market for gaming peripherals is one of the most developed in recent years, getting a gaming headset is a great idea.

We recommend a state-of-the-art wireless gaming headset: the HyperX HX-HSCF-BK Cloud Flight. This model of gamer headphones has everything you need: surround sound, high autonomy without cables, top quality audio, etc.

2. CPU – Intel Core i5-12400i5 Alder Lake

12th Gen “Alder Lake” processors are Intel’s most impressive release in a decade, and the Core i5-12400 offers the best value for money not just among Alder Lake CPUs but of any CPU ever released. With six performance cores and six extra threads, it can easily outperform any CPU in its price range and rivals AMD (and older Intel) CPUs that cost 25-50% more.

3. Motherboard – ASUS Prime B660-PLUS D4 i5 alder Lake Motherboard

This Socket 1700 ATX motherboard from Asus, quite affordably priced. It is a perfect match for the latest Intel CPUs, packed with features. It offers three PCIe M.2 slots, four PCIe expansion slots (including a PCIe Gen 4 video card slot), six USB ports, and an integrated 2.5 GB LAN. Notably, it conforms to the DDR4 RAM standard, allowing less expensive memory to be used while maintaining similar performance to DDR5-based systems

4. Graphics Card – XFX Radeon RX 6600 XT Speedster QICK308 Black 8GBEight Gb Graphics Card

If we are working on getting serious about building a high-end PC, we need the 8GB Radeon RX 6600 XT. It has more than enough power to take on any modern game, easily outperforming any Nvidia GeForce GPU anywhere near its price. Additionally, this model features a powerful triple-fan cooler to keep the GPU running at its best.

5. RAM MEMORY – Patriot 2x8GB Viper Steel DDR4-3600  Ram 16GB

That is to say, you need high clock rates to get the most out of DDR4 memory, and Patriot’s Viper Steel 2x8GB DDR4-3600 RAM does just that. DDR4-3600 memory is the sweet spot in terms of price/performance.

Also, the motherboard we recommend in this article allows the use of this fast RAM.

6. Hard Drive – XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB NVMeOne to Hard Drive

Leveraging the power of state-of-the-art V-NAND TLC, NVMe protocol, and PCIe interface, this SSD is the fastest in its price range. It can reach progressive speeds of up to 3,500 MB/s. Note that you will need a jeweller’s type screwdriver to fix it.

7. BOX – Corsair 4000D Airflow corsair Airflow

Basically, the 4000D is quite simply the best performance-oriented case you can get in its price range. Thanks to its fantastic design for proper Airflow, dual 120mm fans, and plenty of tweaks for PC builders. Like excellent cable routing and plenty of fan mounts.

8. Power Supply – EVGA Supernova 650 GT PCPower Supply

In addition, EVGA offers incredible performance, as always, with its Supernova line. The Supernova 650 GT provides 650 watts, 80 Plus Gold efficiency, fully modular cables, smooth fluid dynamic bearings, a zero RPM mode, and an impressive 7-year warranty. Plus, it’s only 150mm deep, so it’s easy to install in almost any system.

The Second Alternative: buy your High-End Computer fully assembled sky tech Blaze 3.0 high-end pc

On the other hand, if you prefer not to assemble your high-end computer from parts, you can opt for this tremendous pre-built PC from Sky tech! It features the impressive six-core, 12-thread Intel Core i5-10400 CPU, coupled with the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8B video card. Basically, it has 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, a 500 GB hard drive and a wireless connection.