Best Kitchen Gadgets For Healthy Eating Silicone Brush

Best kitchen gadgets for healthy eating A diet brush is a great way to ensure you don’t go overboard with butter or oil while cooking, says Patricia Bannan, RDN, author of Eat Right When Time Is Tight. You can also use the brush to add herbs and spices to dishes. Bannan suggests buying them in a few colours and assigning a specific colour to foods considered at high risk for foodborne illness (e.g. raw meat) to prevent cross-contamination.

Pack More With A Blender

A morning smoothie can be a convenient and healthy breakfast on the go, helping you include a wider variety of fruits, vegetables, and protein in your diet.

It is where a personal mixer can come in handy. These have a single-serve jar with a lid to be converted into a portable mug or jug.

Protein powders, nuts, and seeds can blend into creations in a blender, which is helpful for people looking to increase more protein to their regime.

However, look for recipes that include more vegetables. After blending, the fruit’s sugars is release as “free sugars,” which are high in calories and harmful to teeth. That’s why smoothies or juices only count as one serving of your five per day, no matter how much you drink.

If you’re trying to reduce dairy or even try Veganuary, you can also use a blender to make non-dairy milk like nut or rice milk.

Have Fun With Vegetables With A Spiralizer, Best Kitchen Gadgets For Healthy Eating

Spiralizers are available cheaply, from £10 to just over £30. They turn raw fruit and veg into long pasta-like strands that some people use to substitute pasta like spaghetti. You can also make large, flat pasta, similar to tagliatelle. It’s a great way to dress up some of your five days.

The most compact and straightforward work is like a pencil sharpener, cutting veggies as you turn them. Others are superior and handle, making it easy to roll up large portions. Electric spiralizers are faster, and you don’t need to use muscle power to get results.

For more tips on choosing the best spiralizer for you, check out our spiralizer purchasing guide.

Make Lighter Fried Treats With An Air Fryer

like your fries deliciously golden brown, crispy on the outdoor and soft on the inside, and then an air fryer will make you happy without the secondary guilt.

Air fryers are a better way to fry different foods than air fryers. They use a small amount of oil, if any, and blow through hot air to cook the food.

But air fryers aren’t just for fries. You can fry vegetables, meat, fish, and frozen foods in it. Specific can even be used to make cakes and goblins, although we cannot guarantee healthy.

We’ve found some that produce delicious, golden-brown fries, but others leave a half-raw, half-burnt mess. So be sure to chequered out our list of the top five air fryers for 2019 before you buy.

Create Fresh Homemade Juices With A Juice, The Best Kitchen Gadget For Healthy Living

What better way to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet than literally squeezing them out?

A juicer does all the work of making fresh orange juice in the morning for you, and you can make ultra-healthy plant-based juices with veggies like carrots, beets, and leafy greens.

As with smoothies, juices are best consumed in moderation and with a higher percentage of vegetables and fruits as they tend to strip away the fibre and leave a big sugar rush. Check out our blending or juicing guide for more tips.

The one thing that could sabotage your juice diet ambitions? Because they are challenging to clean. Most juicers have six or more distinct parts that need cleaning, and some are so tedious and time-consuming that you quickly lose patience and build up dust. We rate each juicer based on how easy it is to clean, so be sure to check out our roundup of the best juicers for an easy-to-clean model.