How to Choose the Best PC Mouse?

BYou know that the the Best PC Mouse (or mouse in English) is a peripheral that we can connect to our computer to move the cursor on the screen with precision.

Very well. But… did you know that there are different kinds of mice for PC? Or are there some better than others depending on your task?

In this article, we will expose the characteristics of each type. So stay tuned; you might discover the mouse that best suits you and your interests.

Different types of computer mice that we can find: Best PC Mouse

There is a wide variety of mice focused on different tasks and environments. Therefore, depending on what you use it for and how you use it, you should choose one type of mouse or another.

The mouse has become an essential tool for those who spend many periods in front of the computer. An excellent peripheral can make your life easier (I can attest to that).

Let’s see what the different types are.

1. Ball or analogue Best PC Mouse

The ball mouse, also called analogue or mechanical, was the first to spread.

This ball also has other unhelpful features like:

  • Please pick up all the dirt from the surface it passes over and accumulates it (a classic of these mice).
  • Serve the ball once the mouse no longer works.

Speaking more seriously, the reality is that mechanical mice have been displaced from the market by optical mice due to their better performance.

It is unusual to find mice of this type compared with the most current ones. They have many disadvantages. The most notable is the lack of precision and its completely outdated PS/2 connection.

2. Optical sensor Best PC Mouse: infrared and laser

These types of mice are the ones that dominate the market today.

But how is an optical sensor different from a laser one? Are they the same?

Well, yes and no.

Both are optical sensors since they determine the mouse’s position by taking thousands of images per second of the surface on which they move. Those images are converted into digital information that translates into the exact movement of the cursor on the screen.

However, it is common to mistakenly use the term “optical” to refer only to infrared light sensors and not to laser sensors, which are also infrared.

In this way, we can say that optical sensors are divided between those that work by infrared and those that work by laser. What is the difference?

  • Infrared optical sensors perform best on rough surfaces, like most mousepads. They detect only the first layer of the character they are moving across.
  • The laser type is more suitable for smooth and reflective surfaces, such as glass. They can go deeper into the material to pick up additional information, such as minor imperfections, which gives them greater sensitivity.

3. Ergonomic Best PC Mouse

If we work many hours in front of a computer, the hand that uses the mouse must be as rested as possible. And that is precisely what ergonomic mice (also called vertical mice) propose: that the arm and wrist position is not forced when using the mouse.

They can be a more comfortable option since they require less arm torque. However, it has not been shown that they reduce the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome, a typical injury associated with people who use the mouse for many hours.

Although they are advertis as the cornerstone of comfort, it is likely that for you, they are not. And perhaps you are not interest in overcoming the learning curve. They need to be able to handle them with ease.

  • It is the most sold and used the vertical mouse.
  • Its design allows you to learn to handle it, unlike most mice, quickly.
  • It allows the configuration of its buttons to be adapted even more to you.

4. Wireless Best PC Mouse

This type of mouse works without a cable. A small “pen” is inserted (it uses a USB connection) that works as a mouse receiver through a Bluetooth connection.

Their big handicap is that they generally need batteries to work. In addition, the battery usually lasts very little.

Luckily, this problem is being solve more and more. Some models like the  Logitech G903  incorporate a Power Play wireless charging system through a mat, eliminating the pain.

Traditionally, wireless mice have not been consider suitable for gaming, where any delay in response time can be vital.

However, today that stumbling block is more than overcome, and there are wireless PC mice that are true wonders to play at a professional level.

5. Trackball or trackball Best PC Mouse

Basically these types of PC mice are fix. A ball with a smooth surface rests on a base on which the fingers are place to move the cursor, replacing the traditional buttons.

It has two advantages to note over the ordinary mouse:

  • First, the arm and wrist rest more and suffer less in long use sessions.
  • The second is that it can be used n confined spaces.

The drawbacks are similar to those of the mechanical mouse. The ball system can break and fill with dirt, forcing us to clean the mouse regularly.

Although they are not as well-known as the other types of mice, these trackballs are very useful when using design programs such as Photoshop. They are comfortable and allow greater precision in artistic tasks.

They can also come in handy for people with some wrist problem or injury to handle the mouse typically.

6. 3D Best PC Mouse

In addition, these are primarily use in the fields of graphic design and three-dimensional design. It is a widely use tool in 3D modelling, a design area that focuses on creating virtual three-dimensional objects and scenarios for video games or other products.

3D mice have a 6-degree motion sensor that allows you to move the cursor on any axis in space. It has a head that can be move, rotate or rotate to perform this action.

Essential: These devices do not work correctly with all programs, so you should ensure that they are compatible with your software before buying one.

8. Left-handed mice

It is a fact: there are not many left-handed mice on the market.

This data leads to many left-handers using the right hand to handle the mouse. Many companies have already launched left-handed variants of their famous right-handed models to combat this situation.

And unfortunately, left-handed mice are still not as comfortable as they should be.

Types of gaming mice

Within the mice to play PC, there is a huge variety depending on:

  • The range of quality.
  • The type of game.
  • The player’s style.

For example, a mouse to play a MOBA like LOL is not the same as one to play a shooter like PUBG. It is something that any self-respecting gamer should know.

To know in-depth all the details of the types of gaming mice, you should go through our mega-guide post updated to 2021:


Now that you know all kinds of PC mice choose the one that best suits your interests. But beware, it does not have to be one.

A good option is to have a gaming mouse reserved for the most intense games and a more generic one for everyday tasks—the same with the rest. Maybe a trackball mouse is good for you if you do graphic design and a wireless one for office work.

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