Can We Live Without Technology? – Without technology, society would regress by at least 50 years. Imagining what it would be like to survive a day without technology makes the IT skills gap challenging to fathom. Frankly, daily life without modern technology would be miserable. So why does such a critical skills gap exist?

Technology can save lives. Major operations, scans and medical diagnoses happen through scientific and technological discoveries. Communication, work and education are almost impossible without technology today.

Can We Live Without Technology? PROPERTIES

Can We Live Without Technology?  Anna Clulow wonders if we can live without technology and the benefits of going without it.

The 21st century got the  growth of personal technology. As technology is now conventional and more advanced than ever, we quickly become addicted. Yet, as we become more socially related with the rest of the world, we become more disconnected. The Internet has brought a new conjunto of studio techniques and disruptive methods, which we would do better to do without.

The most widely used is the smartphone, a constant companion for a record that will allow you to track your movements, admittance the Internet and immerse yourself in the world of media and social networks. Most people are glued to technology, whether they respect their device or share someone else’s device.

Why is there an Argument of Technology

There is an argument that the overuse of technology affects our physical health and, in many cases, our mental health, as people need to start becoming less dependent on their devices.

There is no clear consensus on whether we can live without technology, but the benefits of going without are enormous. For many, the idea of ​​walking away from technology is accessible. After all, humanity has continued and even prospered for thousands of years without up to date technology.

Comenzar a rechazar el mundo complejo can cause what is labeled as “FOMO” (Miedo a perderse algo), not by subconsciously scrolling Twitter but by living in the present. The benefits of spending quality time with groups and family, walking, cooking, and reading leave you mentally refreshed.

Spending less time scrolling through your social media or email can be difficult, but the benefits such as reduced stress and a more evident mindset seem to outweigh the negatives. Real-life can be duller and more prone to conflict than virtual life.

But the good thing about spending time with friends and family is: it’s real. The nomofobia “no-mobile-phobia” is the first thing that retrocede sin teléfono móvil. Fear when your phone is not in your pocket. It’s homophobia. We depend on our cell phones so much that we panic when they are not with us.

It doesn’t take practice to confirm that we’re spending more time on the Internet, a rich source of information I often flip through mindlessly to a system that agrees people communicate anywhere in the world which helps us meet new people, share with family and even watch crazy cat videos.  We have much to be thankful for. It’s the future, and while it’s constantly changing, at least everyone can count on it to get bigger, faster, and more comfortable.

Technology is a social advance

Technology is a social advance that enables our generation to do things that previous generations never dreamed of. We look back and wonder why anyone would carry a “brick phone” in their pocket, but what will happen 20 years from now?

Spending time away from technology just once a week can make a huge difference in your daily life, and you will become fully aware of whether you can live without technology or not.