Does Childhood Change With Technology?

Does childhood change with technology? In a rush to prepare children for a competitive future, the danger of technology taking over childhood is on the horizon!

Childhood is the stage of life where individual have the most fun. If we talk about child development in the ’90s or early 2000s, the growth period involved a lot of physical activity and playing many sports. As time has progressed, technology has advanced, and better resources have been available.

According to one report, nearly 34% of kids are online all the time because they want to reply to peers who have texted them. Another survey found that 74% of children aged 5 to 12 spend less than 60 minutes on outdoor activities in the UK.

How Does Technology Take Over Childhood?

Technology is helpful but harmful in many ways. Although the availability of the Internet helps children learn new things, it can also lead them in the wrong direction. The availability of technology  eventually make lonely children individuals as they have been constantly tied to their only technological devices. Laziness arises when children become more and more attached to their technical devices. this laziness is so induced in children that they will not get up to complete a task until there is some urgency. Also, they tend to avoid going out and playing on the floor, preferring to stay at home and watch videos online.

What Can Parents Do To Avoid This?

Children  addicted to technology cannot be blame entirely. Today, parents are also responsible for ensuring that children rely on technology to meet their companionship, guidance, or friend needs. Parents can help avoid their children from becoming antisocial individuals.

Spending time with your children can do just that. Just like kids, parents should get rid of their devices on weekend and focus on being involve in their kids’ lives and becoming the friends  to kids need so they can share how they’re feeling without fear.

Field trips help get your kids involve in outdoor activity  It can also help parents unwind from busy schedules and connect with family.

childhood stage is important because these days children are to be preparing for their bright future

With everyone talking about the much-hyped launch of the Apple iPhone6, I wonder if it matters that much. No, not for any other reason, but for the simple fact that I feel that this invasion. Technology has somehow taken away from us the childhood happiness that we enjoy in our times.

Hit by the tech bug, kids today have their first toys in smartphones and iPads. And surprisingly, parents take pride when their 2-year-olds can use technology better than they do.

But unfortunately, parents don’t realize that by encouraging the use of technology at such a young age. They are not doing anything good but taking their children away from their childhood.