Computer Systems Engineering

Program Overview.

Computer Systems Engineering .Information systems technologists solve computing problems for businesses, government agencies, utilities, law enforcement, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and more. And it’s a career that requires a unique combination of skills: computer literacy, technical understanding and communication skills, but you can also specialize in areas that interest you most, including programming, software design, mobile app programming, data communications and web design.

The Diplome de Deux and en technologies des systems informatics are available on the École Polytechnique de la Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon and on the Regina campus full-time, because of certain number of courses also available via distance learning and apprenticeship. Because comprehensive technical training gives you a complex foundation of concept and hands-on laboratory practice in:

Course Overview

Design, installation and management of local area networks

Develop computer programs in different programming languages, and interactive websites with multimedia components and proficiency in various popular computer application software packages

fixing and configuration of computer hardware and software

And analysis and design of systems

And programming of applications for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)

Also troubleshooting and mending hardware problems

You’ll also study business principles, project management, and communication skills—traits that potential employers look for when hiring IT staff.

Bachelor Degree

Transfer agreements with the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Regina and the University of Lethbridge give you access to a computer science degree with two additional years of study. And it’s a great way to broaden your career horizons while because the door open to making a living from your degree.

Occupation And Salary Information. Computer Systems Engineering

Your Career

preparation of graduates for various jobs: computer programmer, software designer/developer, mobile application programmer, network analyst, webmaster, web designer and schemes administrator. So it also features a variety of work environments in both the public and private sectors. And you can work in the IT department of a large organization or be a one-person IT department for a small business. So you could join a company that sells, installs, and supports computers for other companies. But you can start your own IT business and work directly with customers.

Possible Careers, Computer Systems Engineering

Job Title Example NOC Classification1 Earning Potential2

Mobile Application Programmers Software Engineers and Designers (2173) $41,600 – $124,100

Computer Programmers Computer Programmers and Communicating Media Developers (2174) $50,000 – $99,100

Network Administrator Computer Network Engineer (2281) $41,600 – $110,000

Note: Some courses in the first semester of the 1st grade online offering. If you plan to complete these courses online, you should apply to the program when you graduate. And you must meet all admission requirements (including proficiency in English) at this time.