Ebb to Street Tank


The Ebb to Street tank is available in regular and crop versions, with prices ranging from $58 to $68. Both have built-in cups and remain designed to provide light support, so you don’t need a bra with them. It is pricey, but it is also something that can remain discounted. I got mine at a discount (know Lululemon sale items are final sale, so you need to know your size).

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How to Wear the Ebb to Street Tank

The first step in my Lululemon Ebb to Street tank review is to show you how to wear it! I pair my Ebb to Street tank with leggings or bike shorts that have a high rise. They also look great with zip-ups (such as the Define jacket) and hoodies (like the Scuba hoodie). They’re great for lounging in with a high-rise jogger. What I like about the crop version is that no skin shows with the high-rise bottoms! I’m not a big fan of crop tops that expose too much skin, so this makes me happy.

Where to Wear the Street Tank

Although the Ebb to Street tank remains technically intended for yoga, I also wear it for other light activities! I wear mine for elliptical, cycling, weight lifting, yoga, and general athleisure wear. I don’t wear it for running, HIIT, or anything else strenuous.

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Ebb to Street Tank Sizing

The crop tank comes in sizes ranging from 2 to 12, while the regular tank comes in sizes ranging from 2 to 14. In Lululemon bras, I am a 32C and wear a size 6. (take their sizing quiz here.). I usually wear a 6 in Lululemon tops and tanks, but the size 6 was too big for me in the regular tank (shown in the photos below). I bought a size four crop tank, and it fits perfectly, but I’d like to compare it to a size 6 in the future. I believe the six will be too large in the crop because it is too large in the regular tank.

Is the Ebb to Street Tank Worth it?

This tank, in my opinion, is only worthwhile when on sale! Because there was so much fabric, I returned the regular-length version (you can see how much it bunches up on me in the photo above). I know you can get Lululemon hemmed for free, but I decided against it because the size 6 was already too big for me. These tanks are incredibly flattering, but the fabric is prone to snagging. The full-length tank fabric felt even more delicate than the crop.

I prefer the overall fit of the crop version Ebb to Street tanks over the Align tanks! It’s just a shame the fabric isn’t more durable. I’ll have to wear my cropped version for a while to see how it holds up. It is something I would flow in a garment bag to protect it from zippers and the like. So far, there have been no snags, but I have yet to wash it.

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