Fitness Apps For Training

“Sworkit – Personal Trainer”

Fitness apps for training  “Sworkit” is based on a completely customized training plan. First, you choose your focus from strength, endurance, yoga and stretching. Then, either decide on a given training unit or put together an utterly individual workout from more than 160 exercises. between five and sixty minutes duration is set anywhere  – more individuality is impossible. The circuit training offers do not require weights or other training equipment. The individual exercises are shown in the video and also described with the help of a voice function so that you don’t have to look at the mobile phone display for every exercise.

The standard version of Sworkit is free. With the premium upgrade for 2.99 euros per month, the training sessions are ad-free; Annual subscription from EUR 19.99. And user-defined workouts can be saved –  you can contact a fitness trainer personally as a special guide.

(suitable for both iOS and Android )

“30 Day Fitness Challenge.” Fitness Apps For Training

The free “30 Day Fitness Challenge” app is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their fitness in the foreseeable future. In addition to the focus on full-body workouts, the app also enables targeted training of specific body regions such as the stomach and buttocks. First, you set your fitness level – from beginner to professional. The intensity of the exercises increases from workout to workout. It makes it easy to get started while guaranteeing an increase in performance and keeping the training exciting. Explain with both animations and texts to activities. The weight development is also log using a diagram, the training process are automatic record. In terms of costs, like other fitness apps, users benefit from a yearly subscription compared to the monthly price – 10,

(suitable for both iOS and Android )

“Ratiopharm Back School” Fitness Apps For Training

It is not without reason that “back”, as it is popularly called, is one of the most common health problems in Germany. Sitting for a long time promotes obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and back problems. Muscle tension, one-sided strain, stress and poor posture do the rest. To prevent chronic pain or even a herniated disc, Ratiopharm has developed a free app. Using easy-to-understanding videos A total of 24 exercises are explain. Taken at home, in the office design for, or even on the go. On top of that, the back school app offers helpful tips and general information about back pain. Another plus: an in-app pharmacy search that shows where pharmacies are near you.

(suitable for both iOS and Android )

“Tabata Stopwatch Pro.” Fitness Apps For Training

Tabata interval training is the original variant of the HIIT method and is particularly suitable for experienced athletes. Why? Have the Tabata quickies of Tabata Stopwatch Pro within you. For a total of eight laps, twenty seconds of exertion alternate with a ten-second break. The workouts consist of classic bodyweight exercises. Since maximum power is required in the twenty seconds, well-known and easily implementable activities should be chosen for the beginning. In this way, the individual well regulate intensity. Popular Tabata exercises are:




Jumping Jacks


Many other strength exercises are based on your body weight and ideally use large muscle groups. A timer à la “Tabata Timer for HIIT” is recommended to keep the time correctly. your desire Tabata intervals can not only be ideal time with this free app, there is also a weight tracker and individually adjustable background music and cool-down time. The app is free, but the pro version of the training program, like other fitness apps, is not: In this case, the cost is 16.99 euros.

(suitable for both iOS and Android )

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