FOEIM stands for Free Educational Institution of Myanmar. The online digital platform actually provides students with free study offices. The main reason of its establishment is to provide students with an all-round education. Moreover, it ensures that no children are left behind in terms of education and knowledge. FOEIM is run by the coordination of the Elementary School Founder and CEO, Middle School Dean, and High School Dean.

Organization and teaching are two important divisions that help in the management of the organization. In addition, there are various groups such as the management team, the announcement team, the technical team, and the telecommunications team. Each of the groups works in legitimate coordination to guarantee the smooth functioning of the organization.

Without a doubt, FOEIM seems to ensure that the understudies of the school system of tactical slavery and autocracy do not relent in their education through the development of defiance. It currently shows more than 10,000 students from grades one to ten. The web stage gives the basic educational plan of education in the solution of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

What classes does FOEIM suggest to students?

FOEIM Academy offers courses in elementary school, middle school and high school. It provides students with various learning materials focusing mainly on mathematics, science, social science and so on. In addition, students can also learn basic English conversation. In addition to the academic staff, FOEIM guarantees that students will acquire various skills and information suitable for life on earth.

FOEIM instructors come from various educational foundations. They are specialists in their particular subjects and provide quality guidance to the whole gang. More than 10,000 understudies are currently receiving from this single advanced phase. The institution teaches in the light of the educational plan planned by the Board of Education with the aim of students succeeding in their scholastics.

Which years can attend the courses?

Students from elementary school, middle school as well as high school can take courses since the establishment of FOEIM. FOEIM may include substudies dealing with different exhibit groups living in rural and metropolitan regions.

FOEIM is strongly trying to transform education by meeting the learning needs of children. Substudies can support critical thinking skills and practices in FOEIM. The important objective of FOEIM is to provide basic training to students and help them get a great future full of potential open doors.

Why is FOEIM great for E-class?

Various young and capable personalities stand behind this great instructor degree. The significant resources of FOEIM are educators who can show students perfectly. Instructors must go through careful preparation before leaving for a new excursion. In addition, their educational qualifications should basically be a serious area of ​​strength. The entire organization of the organization seeks mentorship from instructors and teachers of various universities.

The organization intends to ad libize the school system and education system. In addition, it mainly focuses on the development of the government school system. There is a normal conference with student unions from different ethnic regions. Counseling usually focuses on legitimate education for students from ethnic regions. FOEIM accepts that education is a basic human right and should make everyone pay little attention to what identity they fit into. Furthermore, students in rustic regions should get equivalent open doors much like understudies in Urban Places.

What is the purpose of FOEIM


The reasons for FOEIM presented by Mr. Khant Thu are recorded below

To obtain equivalent and better basic instruction for students who address different exhibition meetings or live in provincial and metropolitan regions.

.Trace problems and arrangements and meet teaching needs that are in different regions and states by talking and connecting with pioneers and alternate delegates from each region or state.

Change the school system by targeting undergrads by targeting their critical thinking about undergrads.

As the Institution states, education assumes an indispensable role in the national turn of events. In addition, it is vital to have an education for the endurance of a true democracy. In this sense, Free Online Educational Institution Myanmar is honestly trying to prevent various social problems that limit education. The institution accepts that there should be no division within the education system.

The FOEIM Academy additionally issued a notice to stop the separations below;

  • Discrimination of varieties
  • True feature discrimination
  • Orientation discrimination
  • Discrimination of public origin
  • Strict discrimination


The rapid desegregation of our general public is extremely critical. Reorganizations in all circumstances take time and FOEIM is closely monitoring them. It encourages individuals to close this amount of separation both physically and verbally. In addition, they also talk to substitutes, guardians, staff and instructors to follow the institution’s claim.