The FTX ecosystem was first launched in 2019 but has quickly grown to become one of the
most popular crypto exchanges in the world. FTX not only provides traders access to various
popular cryptocurrencies, investment opportunities, the NFT marketplace, and much more, but
FTX has recently launched its token project called FTT. In this article, we will go over some of
the benefits of investing in this token that is the backbone of the FTX ecosystem and how
traders can take advantage of this new token and the FTX platform.

Fee Discounts

FTX is a derivative cryptocurrency exchange, meaning that the FTX ecosystem offers users
innovative trading features and advanced trading options. FTX offers crypto options, derivatives,
futures, margin trading, and leveraged tokens for traders. Through the FTX platform, users can
access more than 300 tokens for spot trading, have open access to the NFT marketplace, and
even create their own FTT wallet where they can invest in the FTX ecosystem.
No matter what you do across the FTX platform, if you are a stakeholder in FTX Token, the
platform’s native token, you will receive fee discounts for your trades and activity on FTX.
Though FTX already offers competitive fee prices of around .03% vs. .3% for other exchanges,
FTX wants to incentivize its stakeholders further and reward those who support its platform. You
can invest in an FTT wallet where you can hold your FTT investments and earn rewards for
holding the token, such as airdrops and other incentives, along with your fee reductions. If
you’re an advanced crypto trader and take advantage of options, margin trading, or futures, you
may benefit considerably from the reduced platform fees offered to FTT stakeholders.

DAO Access

A decentralized autonomous organization is a digital community governed through a set of
codes rather than individuals in a hierarchy. This code executes the organization’s procedural
rules and allows its members to be equally heard and hold equal influence over the group’s
direction. For any decision not accounted for in the code, each group member gets a vote to
determine the community’s action. DAOs can be used to raise funds for significant investments,
generate rewards for their stakeholders, and decide the future of a blockchain project. To
become a member of the FTT DAO, you must first be a stakeholder of FTT. By ensuring only
stakeholders have access to the DAO, you are creating a community of like-minded and
cooperative investors who want to see their investments succeed.
The FTT DAO will not only provide FTT stakeholders with a platform for communication,
mentoring, and collaborations. But, the FTT DAO will also offer opportunities to anyone invested
in the FTX ecosystem to hold sway over the future of the platform and the token. Members of

the DAO can hold events, share their ideas, and are invited to exclusive stakeholder events. A
DAO can be a highly beneficial resource for crypto beginners and experts looking to build a
community and work with others to earn more in the industry.

Burn and Liquidity

Because the largest crypto liquidity provider in the world backs FTX, Alameda Research, there
are many incentives for traders to utilize this platform that has been innovatively designed to
benefit its stakeholders. FTX has significant liquidity behind it and a highly effective liquidation
engine paired with generous burn activity to create a self-balancing ecosystem that minimizes
socialized losses and benefits those who are invested in the platform and its native token. The
FTX team has a burn mechanism that involves a large-scale buyback program that buys back
FTT specifically to burn those tokens and maintain a reasonable market value and growth for
FTT. This process not only supports the continued growth of the token but it protects
stakeholders from experiencing socialized losses. The FTX liquidation engine can support
traders up to 5x leverage and automatically liquidate unsalvageable positions to protect against
socialized losses. When you invest in FTT, you can rest assured that the burn process, paired
with high liquidity, will always protect stakeholders’ interest and a rising value for the token. The
FTT token will continue to thrive as long as the FTX ecosystem is widely used and operates
There are many benefits to this new cryptocurrency and its complex exchange. You can learn
more about FTX and FTT by visiting the FTX website and exploring their knowledge base and
token offerings. There are many opportunities for traders of all levels to find success through the
FTX ecosystem and take advantage of their innovative offerings and operations