The Happyly is a Site; a Happyly you is a happier you. You do your best work when you’re living your best life, and you live your best when you’re doing your best work – Happyly believes that both can live in harmony. Happyly’s tools help users (Happiers) accomplish personal wellness goals – from improving mental and physical health to strengthening teammate connections to enhancing family time.

Whether you want to get outside, find a fantastic museum, give back to the community with your colleagues or loved ones, or on your own, we have you covered!

History of Happyly

Happyly, curators of family-fun adventures announce the launch of its first mobile app geared toward family adventure and activity planning. The intuitive app, available on IOS and Android, is designed for parents by parents, alleviating the stress often involved in researching and coordinating family outings.

Developed by Washington, D.C. moms Caitlin Iseler, Elizabeth Regard, and Randi Banks, the app provides carefully-reviewed activities for parents, grandparents, and caregivers looking to spend fewer time arrangements and more time happily exploring with their children. happyly makes it easy to find for families to study locally or on the go.

The Words said by Caitlin Iseler

“I would spend hours researching websites every night to find the right activity that fit the weather and my daughter’s developmental needs,” said Caitlin Iseler, co-founder of happily. “I shared my frustrations with Liz and Randi, and we set out on a passion project with this in mind.

“happily is the only tool needed to create family-friendly itineraries from anywhere. Families and caregivers can use it confidently knowing that our local expert ambassadors have vetted each recommended activity, adventure plan, and personalized plan—moms, dads, and caregivers just like them.”

How does Happyly Work?

Happyly empowers your employees to create balance and easily connect with colleagues, communities, and loved ones through meaningful activities and experiences.

  • A Happyly workforce leads to.
  • More substantial teams and positive corporate culture
  • Improved employee engagement and retention
  • An overall productivity boost

Bring your People Together

Plan in-person or remote meetings in seconds. Whether it’s a simple gathering, a walking meeting, a Giveback event, or a curated day of offsite fun, connecting with teammates is accessible and inclusive.

Promote Wellness & Balance

Promote a healthy and active lifestyle with thousands of vetted activities. From volunteer opportunities and cultural events to hiking trails and yoga classes, choose activities to do with your team, on your own, or with loved ones.

Make an Impact

Hit your corporate social impact targets and let your employees donate time and talent to causes that matter to them—in their communities and beyond!—with our Giveback events.

Track data that matters

Our Care Consultants design key success metrics based on what’s most important to your business. You can see and feel the return on investment with always available, customized reporting.

More Features of Happyly

  • Dedicated Support
  • Monthly Challenges & Giveaways
  • Vacation Getaway Concierge
  • Seasonal Content
  • Team Building Activities

Reviews of Happyly

The company does not value staff

Company only values “the client” and treats event professionals poorly. They seem disorganized and generally uncaring of their workforce and the incredible skill of people they treat like interns.

Ever growing Event Company

Happily is a great place to work. You have to remain selected for an event in your area. If you are, you will work with a great team, and you will get to learn so many things! You will feel good after your event! If you want to control your schedule and are interested in events, Join Happily!!

Terrific company, easy to work with, and an overall positive experience!

I was very impressed with the Happily team’s expertise and footprint in our industry. It was fantastic to see the different types of clients they have worked with and continue to work with. I worked on several gigs for them with notable brands, and I recommend any freelancer looking for work to check them out.

Also, the Happily team was beneficial during my interview, and it seemed they genuinely cared about me.

Lots to improve

Needs better communication with its event assistants. Communication was poor, creating confusion about the job expectations, including reimbursements, compensation, and hours to work (which were longer than stated in the interview, but the pay rate did not change).

Happily? More like Unhappily

It is a fun company to work for. Ensure you are willing to pay for travel, hotel, and everything else. You do not get paid unless they think you are worthy and after multiple events worked. They will go behind you and talk about you, only to kick you out of the company without the reasons given. We also do not tell you what you are doing wrong. They allow it to keep happening and then spring it on you later on that you were not what they wanted.

  • Pros

Meeting new people, getting to travel

  • Cons

Everything Else.