Hide an App Icon On Oppo A9


Hide an App Icon On Oppo A9? No matter what drives you to protect your Oppo A9 from prying eyes, it’s your privacy, and it’s up to you how you want to handle it. There are many apps for phones, and it sometimes happens that you don’t want those around you to know everything you do with your smartphone.

Today, we explain how to hide an application icon on Oppo A9? First, we will explain how to hide the logo of an application preinstalled on your Oppo A9 and then the icon of an application on your smartphone using a specific application called Launcher.

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How To Hide The Logo Of An Application Preinstalled On Oppo A9?

So let’s start with the first paragraph of our article about Hide an App Icon On Oppo A9? ; as we told you, it is expected that you have to manage your personal space as you wish, and with it, your Oppo A9. Whether you want to protect your privacy, as we will see in the next part of this article, or for organizational reasons, there are different alternatives to hide the logo of an application on your Oppo A9; we will first discover how to do it using a preinstalled application to do.

It has long been problematic to remove preinstalled applications; in fact, they were not accessible due to the operating system since they were either necessary for the operation of the smartphone or related to contracts or exclusive contracts and therefore not withdrawn. Now Android has understood well that if a user does not want to use an application, he will not do so, as well as he can remove it in case it bothers him. You will manage to disable an application on your Oppo A9. It is exactly what we present to you now:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your smartphone
  • Go to the “Applications” menu
  • Find the application whose logo you want to hide from the list
  • push it
  • All you have to do now is press “Deactivate” at the bottom left of your screen and confirm the procedure

However, be careful; if this application is associated with specific applications or is essential for the proper functioning of certain applications, it may affect their operation. You should also know that to use it; and  must do the reverse and reactivate it to make it accessible again on your Oppo A9. You can of development do the same with a classic application, but your device will offer to uninstall it, so you’ll have to go through the next part of this article for the rest of the applications.

How To Hide An App’s Icon On My Oppo A9 With A Launcher?

The second option, we will show you the technique if you wish to hide any application on your Oppo A9; for this, we will have to use a specific application, better known by the name Launcher. These types of applications are tools that allow you to change the look of your operating system. They are also convenient for personalizing your Android user experience as much as possible. To find out how to do it, follow the steps below: Hide an App Icon On Oppo A9?

  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • Download and install Apex Launcher, which we think is one of the best launchers for your Oppo A9
  • Launch the app and accept any permissions requested by your smartphone
  • Go to application settings
  • Click on the “Hidden apps” menu; you have to click on all the applications whose logo you want to hide on your Oppo A9

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