Use Instagram Stories for Your Busines

The fact that with Instagram Stories you can attract more followers and increase the audience of engaged users is a fact confirmed by all marketers. But coming up with new and original story ideas is not as easy as playing at National Casino Deutschland. Here’s a list of useful ideas to help you promote your brand and business as a whole with Instagram Stories.

Do Online Instagram Stories

The first idea for Instagram Stories is online broadcasts (streamers or live videos). This format attracts a lot of attention from social network users and also allows you to implement other ideas described in this article. Here are two popular variants of online streaming:

  • Live stories with questions and answers. The main advantage of this format is its high value for the audience. Moreover, there are two equally successful formats: answering questions previously collected from subscribers, or inviting viewers to a live dialogue.
  • Live stories with an opinion leader are a great alternative to regular streaming. Select and invite a famous person to a live conversation and conduct the interview! You can create your own questions or collect them from your subscribers. Stories-journalism is an extremely interesting and very engaging communication format.

Attract Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Instagram Stories are a great tool to promote your articles, services and increase the audience of your website or blog in general. When your Instagram account reaches 10,000 subscribers, you can use the “Swipe Up” feature to add a direct link to your site or blog within the story.

Showcase What’s Happening Behind the Scenes

One idea that never gets old is to show your subscribers what’s happening “behind the scenes” and give them a quick glimpse of an upcoming event or event. Using this method, you’ll create exclusive online content, generating excitement around upcoming events. In doing so, your subscribers will feel special.

Create Polls

Instagram Stories includes a simple polling feature that rivals Twitter’s similar functionality. When you post images or video content to Stories, you can add a two-choice question. Your followers can choose either of these two options with a simple click on the appropriate button. Polls are a great tool for drawing attention to your Instagram account.

Hold Themed Days

By hosting theme days, you’ll create logically connected content and get the most out of your Instagram stories. Choose days of the week for different events: “tips on Tuesdays,” an interview with an authority figure, a day of quotes from great people, a day of live stories, etc. By making one or more themed days, you’ll streamline your content development schedule for Instagram Stories, as you’ll always know the content topics for a particular day.

Create Lists and Summaries

As you know, you have to tap your device screen to view the next story item. This format is perfect for creating summaries and lists. Report your most popular blog posts to your subscribers, generate an Instagram story list based on your blog post, or share your top 5 resources from the past month. Don’t forget that these Instagram Stories lists should be related to your brand and have some value to your target audience.

Use Content Created by Other Users

If you have user-generated content, upload it to your Instagram Stories. Use stories to communicate your favorite accounts, images and other related brands. With these stories, you’ll establish B2B relationships with other businesses, notifying subscribers that you care about their content.

Cover Local Events

Is your company holding some sort of local event? Tell them about it with Instagram stories. That way you can connect with your audience, especially if you own a local business. Use hashtags and location stickers so your followers get all the information they need about the upcoming event.

Do Vlogs

The easiest way to use Instagram Stories for your business is to vlog. While this format seems trivial, it works for B2B and B2C. Let your subscribers see what’s going on in your daily life, in your workplace, with your employees. Using this approach, you’ll show the person or people behind the brand, forming a personal connection that is so appealing to potential customers.