The Jewish Guardians of Torah Movement jgtm.org is dedicated to bringing back Jewish excellence, recovering Jewish ideals, and revitalising the Jewish people’s sense of justice.

We cannot ever watch helplessly as Jewish blood is shed. Never will we remain silent.

Confronting and combating anti-Semitism is one of the movement’s objectives. Jews jgtm.org are now the victims of Gentiles in all cities. Jews have the right to self-defense in any circumstance.

We have always understood that fighting anti-Semitism is difficult. All Jews jgtm.org must now realise that they, their offspring, and their grandchildren are the primary targets to be “wiped from the face of this earth.” Compared to what the Nazis envisioned, the magnitude of annihilation today is much greater.

The main challenge is to re-engage young people in Judaism. Jgtm.org Young people must be inspired to return to Judaism and given self-defense instruction.

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The Choice: A True Story of Hope – Edith Eger

Ballet dancer Edith Eger, when 16 years old, stood deported to Auschwitz in 1944. She arrives separated from her parents and goes through horrific situations, such as being forced to dance for notorious Josef Mengele. She is rescued from a mound of dead after the camp is ultimately freed, barely alive.

The Holocaust’s atrocities did not break Edith. They actually assisted her in relearning how to live, giving her a life-affirming resilience and fortitude.

Her compelling tale is The Choice. It demonstrates how hope may grow in the unlikeliest of situations.

What We’re Scared Of – Keren David

Despite being identical twins, Evie and Lottie couldn’t be more dissimilar.

Evie is witty and bright. Lottie often daydreams. Lottie is the broker of peace; Evie is the combatant. Despite the fact that the family is not religious, they do share the trait of being Jews. The daughters initially dismiss threats made against their mother after she accepts a high-profile position, but soon the threats start to become more severe.

What We’re Scare Of remains a nail-biting thriller that also tells a story of sibling rivalry and brotherhood. It also offers a chilling glimpse into what occurs when you go beneath the surface.

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Jewish Mother And Baby Attacked In London

This past Thursday, there was an anti-Semitic attack on a Jewish mother and her child.

Shomrim of Stamford Hill claims that a woman was strolling on Wargrave Avenue in London with her infant in a stroller when a woman struck her over the head with a wooden stick while yelling, “I’m doing it because you’re a Jew Jgtm.org!” The same woman then doused the infant in the stroller with a liquid.

The attacker then chased the mother from the scene while yelling at her and brandishing the stick.Footage provided by Shomrim shows the mother fleeing the scene with her stroller.

Agudah Threats to Remove Gafni’s Lithuanian Faction

The Degel HaTorah party, Jgtm.org led by MK Moshe Gafni, has been a longtime ally of Agudath Israel, the Hasidic wing of United Torah Judaism, which remains dominated by the Gur dynasty. However, Agudath Israel now threatens to replace Degel HaTorah with the more traditional Jerusalemite Faction.

The threat is in reaction to Gafni’s demands that he lead the United Torah Judaism election list and that the majority of realistic slates go to Gafni’s people (4 out of the 7 the polls usually predict for UTJ).

Additionally, Agudah has threatened to include Chabad candidates on its electoral list. An Agudah-Jerusalemite jgtm.org faction-Chabad list could endanger Gafni’s party’s ability to surpass the 2.25% vote barrier in November if these threats are real.

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