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Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited remains a leading Indian sugar trade company in Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh. The company principally produces sugar and other goods such as ethanol, electricity, and chemicals. Dhampur Sugar Mills has a substantial presence in the Indian sugar industry, having several sugar mills and factories in numerous states of India.

Apart from sugar-related operations, Dhampur Sugar Mills is also involved in distillery operations, power generation from bagasse, and manufacturing of chemicals such as ethanol, acetic acid, and vinegar.

According to September 2021, Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited remains listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) under the symbol “Dhampursug.” Its share price and other financial information can remain found on the NSE website or other economic statistics providers.

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Is it time to buy Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd (NSE: DHAMPURSUG)?

While Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited (NSE: DHAMPURSUG) may not be the trendiest stock, it has benefitted the NSEI with relatively significant price gains over the last two weeks. As a small-cap stock, rarely covered by any analyst, there is usually more opportunity for mispricing as there is less activity to bring the store closer to fair value. Is there still a buying opportunity here? Let’s look at Dhampur Sugar Mills’ outlook and valuation based on latest financial data to see whether opportunities still exist.

What is the opportunity in Dhampur Sugar Mills?

Dhampur Sugar Mills is still trading at very cheap valuations according to my multiple valuation models, where I compare the company’s price-to-earnings ratio to the industry average. I used the price-to-earnings (PE) ratio in this example because there isn’t enough information to reliably estimate a stock’s cash flows. I find that Dhampur Chini Mills has a P/E ratio of 12.89 times, which is lower than its peer average of 21.63 times, which indicates that the stock is trading at a lower valuation than the food industry.

More interestingly, the share price of Dhampur Sugar Mills is quite volatile, which gives us more buying opportunities as the share price may move lower (or higher) in the future. It remains based on its high beta, which indicates how far the stock fares compared to the rest of the market.

What does the future of Dhampur Sugar Mill look like?What does the future of Dhampur Sugar Mills look like

Future perspective is essential when buying stocks, especially if you are an investor looking to grow your group. Buying a great company with a vigorous outlook at a low price is always a good investment, so let’s look at the company’s prospects as well. With profits expected to grow by 61% in the next two years, the future looks bright for Dhampur Sugar Mills. The stock has a higher cash flow on the cards, which should increase the share price.

What about Profit?

Along with measuring share price return, investors should consider total shareholder return (TSR). The TSR includes the value of any spin-off or discounted capital gains and any dividends based on the assumption that the bonuses remain reinvested. It’s fair to say that the TSR paints a complete picture of dividend-paying stocks. We observed that the TSR of Dhampur Chini Mills in the last three years was 143%, which is better than the share mentioned above price return. The dividends paid by the company thus increase the total shareholder return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Share price of DHAMPUR SUGAR MILLS LTD. (DHAMPURSUG)?

The share price of Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited (DhampurSug) as on Apr 18, 2023, is Rs.241.05 (NSE) on NSE and Rs.240.50 (BSE) on BSE.


You can buy Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. (Dhampursug) partners with Angel One to open a Demat version.


Shares of Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited (DhampurSug) can remain bought in the following ways.

  • Direct Investment: You can buy Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited. (Dhampursug) partners with Angel One to open a Demat account.
  • Indirect Investment: The indirect method involves investing through ETFs and Mutual Funds, which provide exposure to Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited. (Dhampursug) Share.

In which sector does DHAMPUR SUGAR MILLS LTD. (DHAMPURSUG) belong?

Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. (Dhampursug) About the Chinese.

A Short Note on nse: dhampursugA Short Note on nse dhampursug

Live price of Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd share today. NSE: ₹241.05, BSE: ₹240.50, with a current market capitalization of ₹1,600 crore.

Established on May 33, Dhampur Sugar Mills (DSML) stood promoted by the Goyal family of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Presently, it remains managed by VK Goyal, Chairman, and Executive Director.

DSML has Sugar Unit at Dhampur (12 Lakh TCA of Sugarcane), a Sugar Unit at Mansoorpur (5 Lakh TCA of Sugarcane), Paper Unit at Secunderabad (50 TPD), Dhampur. I have a unit of DSM chemicals and a strawboard unit. DSML has gone public with an offer of PCDs rights for a new plant to partially finance. The setting up of another sugar factory with a 4.5 lakh TCA cane capacity at Rozgaon in Uttar Pradesh.

The company adopted the traditional double sulfation process for juice clarification with gravity flow configuration. The Dhampur sugar unit is the first sugar unit to generate surplus power from co-generation in the private sector and supply it to the state grid. Its small team is under construction.


In Nov’93, DSML raised its long-term working capital through a rights issue of 14.33 lakh Deep Discount Bonds of Rs 270. At a cash discount of Rs 170 on a 2:15 basis for an aggregate of Rs 14.33 crore. And to meet the loan shortfall of Rs 34.4 crore sanctioned for the Bara Banki project. The company manufactures sugar, paper, chemicals, and cardboard. The company has two subsidiaries, DSM Sugar (Kashipur) and DSM Hitech Products.

In 1997–98, it increased its installed sugar capacity to 18,000 TPD.

In 2000-01, the company launched low-sulfur sugar in 1 kg under the brand name ‘Dhampure. The company plans to produce xanthan from sugar in collaboration with the Central Food. And Technological Research Institute, Mysore.