Structure Marketing Department Building a modern professional services marketing team is not easy. Marketing is not actually appreciated because it is a relatively new function in many companies. And many companies operate in a very competitive and rapidly changing market. But when they lack marketing agility, companies are putting themselves at risk.

For simplicity, let’s focus on the three aspects of a departmental edifice most relevant to professional services firms: marketing, selecting the right resources, and reporting relationships.

Role Of Marketing Structure Marketing Department

Marketing comes in various forms in different companies: from a low-level support function responsible for basic implementation tasks to an entire team of specialists providing the full spectrum of strategic and operational skills. In our experience, the more comprehensive your marketing function, so the more successful a company is.

(Note that marketing expertise does not need to be in-house. See resource requirements below for details.)

In many businesses, a critical decision revolves around lead generation and development. And are these functions part of marketing or sales? So we believe that marketing is your true home.

Then? Many companies today employ the seller maker strategy, and are leaving their busy professionals lacking the time and focus on completing a long-term program.

make lead generation and lead nurturing a core task of the marketing department.

Resource Requirements

Where do you find the people with the specific skills and experience to realize the big vision that we believe is important? Well, you have two choices: hire your in-house team or outsource the skills you need.

The internal approach is attractive from an accessibility perspective. And when one person is working at total capacity, there can be cost savings.

But, of course, no one probably has the full range of skills you need to execute a current marketing program.

One way is through training. And it is or should be a fact. Technology is always changing, and new research constantly challenges our longstanding beliefs and assumptions: what worked five years ago might not be as actual currency. And it means that continuous education is a must. So structure Marketing Department

But even if you train your marketing team thoroughly, sometimes you need outside help. Because our recent research has shown that fast-growing companies tend to spend more on outsourced resources than their slow-growing counterparts.

How do you decide to outsource a marketing function? Ask yourself a series of five questions about each process that could be outsourced

Some companies outsource all of their marketing to focus their in-house resources on core functions only. Examples are research, strategy development, analysis, or developing a new website.

Reporting Relationships

Who should the marketing department report? Because many companies struggle with this question. The answer may depend on the feature and resource options you select.

In companies with limited marketing staff, And Structure Marketing Department it makes sense for the department to report to the head of administration or sales (business development)

The latter situation works particularly well when the primary purpose of marketing is to support sales. In none of these cases, however, can marketing make a meaningful contribution.

As the marketing function grows in complexity, it must influence critical strategic decisions. It is accomplishable by submitting a marketing report to a senior executive.