Earning FIFA Coins

FIFA is a popular football simulator that receives regular version updates and constantly improves the player’s physics and ball behavior, the reaction of the stadium and the overall graphics, making it more realistic and enjoyable.

For everyone who loves football, not only as an opportunity to play for their favorite club and lead it to victory in all tournaments in career mode, but also as an opportunity to face numerous players in FIFA Ultimate Team – the online version of the popular simulator.Important moments in FIFA Ultimate Team

Important moments in FIFA Ultimate Team

In FIFA Ultimate Team – FUT, your game composition and FIFA coins play an important role in reducing, with the help of which you will receive new players.

The fact is that when you start the game and choose a club whose colors you will defend, you will not be given the current line-up for the current year, but random cards of players who will become your first performers.

Next, you will need to earn FIFA coins to buy cards and kits to strengthen your team. Packs can also be obtained for special leagues, but more on that later.

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What are FIFA coins for?

For the main coins in the FIFA 23 world, the main amplifiers for your team are bought – the players.

Each player has his own personification on one of four types of cards, which determine his final value and the level of potential teamwork with teammates.

All players are taken from sets, or bought from other gamers for the price desired by the seller on the marketplace.

There are 4 types in total:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Special or Idol

The same player but in a different set will have distinctive characteristics and the stronger the set, the better the player can get you.

Usually the formation of the team is on the rise, but there are a number of events and events that allow you to make significant progress in strengthening the playing squad in case of successful qualification.

An important clarification is that players who are world football stars, whether they are current players or legends that have already become history, come from special sets and have only one type of card.

How to earn FIFA coins

In fact, most of the ways will be obvious, but a number of them will lead to new frontiers that will allow you to earn more coins to strengthen the game lineup, or get ready-made sets – for example, gold ones.

Play matches

Once in the online mode and launching the first competitive matches, you will be calibrated and earn coins for participating in parallel.

Calibration is needed to accurately determine your level of play and select the most optimal opponents for your skills and parallel selection to the Weekend League system if you manage to score 1250 points in a week of active matches. Wins, losses and draws are counted.

Each outcome is rewarded with a different number of coins in any case.

Mode – moments

This is a special format in which the FUT gaming system comes up with a legendary, or standard game episode for you, in which you need to complete the conditions for its completion in a very strict manner in order to receive rewards.

It can be the legendary Champions League final where you need to score a corner as a Manchester United player against Bayern with a header, or just a standard episode where you need to score a free kick while playing as Leo Messi.

If you deviate even a little from the task, then the game mode will restart and you need to start all over again.

FIFA Champions

If you manage to farm 1250 points within the current division, then you will get to the qualification stage for the Weekend League and will be able to compete for a large number of gold sets with random players.

If you make it to this stage, you will still get your gold packs even if you fail completely, but it’s always best to do your best to get as much out of this game mode as possible.

You have to play 10 games, against random opponents, who are selected not even within the division level, but exclusively at random.

If you manage to achieve at least 4 victories, then you will get the right to break into the Weekend League.

It is worth recalling that you will receive your reward even in case of defeat, but it will be minimal in relation to the set of packs that you can receive.

There cannot be a draw at this stage, and the game will last until one of the teams wins through a series of extra halves and a penalty shootout if the winner is not revealed.

Weekend League

If you scored at least 4 wins in the last stage, then you got the right to participate in the main competition next weekend in order to earn at least 15 thousand FIFA coins and gold packs with random players that will strengthen your squad.

Next, you are waiting for 20 fights against completely random opponents, but given that they, like you, have passed a harsh selection, it simply will not happen.

You are waiting for milestones and the lack of a draw option – everything will be decided by victory or defeat.

For each victory, you will move further and collect more rewards – gold sets of various sizes and FIFA coins.

Complete tasks

Every week, FIFA 23 will offer you a series of tasks, completing which you can earn football coins.

You will be assigned various activities related to the activities during the football matches.

Substitute a player from Italy with a speed level of at least 75, score a certain number of goals, receive no cards, intercept passes, and other minor actions.

The most important thing is to have time to complete the entire task before the end of the quest update time, otherwise the task will be updated, and you will not receive any reward, no matter what level of progress you have reached.


There are a lot of ways to mine coins in FIFA 23 and most of them lie on the surface and do not require deep immersion in the football world.

It is enough just to come into the game and play matches, and you will receive coins, open tournaments and tasks, strengthen your players and gradually progress through the divisions, gradually approaching the world top.

You even have a chance to qualify for FIFA 23 esports tournaments if you aim that high and not just enjoy football, of course.