reasons to use coupons when shopping online: The use of discount coupons in electronic stores is widespread. It is not surprising to see in different online stores that they apply a discount of 10 or 15% on their product catalog without being Sales. The value is a claim to generate sales that work very well.

We may apply discounts directly to the price or encourage users to use a discount code. However, when we use a discount voucher. It must be integrated into a discount coupon strategy since we need it to have a reason. For this reason, direct discounts should not be confused with code discounts.

The use of this type of promotion is widespread, and, in addition, there are online business models that mainly use this resource to win customers. E-commerce with pricing policies with a wide profit margin can more easily apply discounts on their products without losing Money. But if you have an e-commerce with almost no profit margin, it is more challenging to apply these techniques. Business models for selling courses or subscriptions initially carry out a very aggressive discount, even losing the profit margin because later, the client will continue to pay. They are long-term products, and in the long run, we win.

The main Reasons to make Discount coupons

If we carry out a correct strategy, we will know what we want to achieve, and we will be able to analyze if we have achieved it. Of course, the main reason is to increase sales, but we must contextualize it better:

  • We can use the discount coupons within the different seasonal promotions.  So it would be the perfect claim for campaigns that already have a reason for being, and I don’t need to act alone in the marketing strategy.
  • It is use to attract new customers in specific periods such as Christmas.
  • Promote new products that we want to make known.
  • By applying it to products that we do not sell, we manage to improve our stock.
  • We can use it as a claim for undecided customers. Finally, it is apply as a technique to recover the abandoned cart.
  • It is also used to build customer loyalty. If you have made a purchase, we can send you a discount coupon for the next

The consumer uses discount coupons because he is looking for savings on purchases. In addition, he usually applies it to quality products that, without the discount, he would not be able to buy. As a result, the client feels more satisfied knowing that he has purchased a product below its price; he has won. For this reason, we must carry out promotions from time to time because the client is looking for it.

They Save you Money

The main benefit of using discount codes is that they allow you to save currency immediately on your e-commerce purchases in the leading stores and well-known brands such as Amazon, Rakuten, and El Corte Inglés. Vueling, Iberia, Samsung, Sony, etc., etc. In addition, they sometimes offer exclusive benefits such as free shipping, gifts along with the order, etc.

Valid for Products and Services

In addition, its variety of use is wide. You will be able to save both in purchasing products through the network and in the contracting or reservation of services. It is easy for you to get a discount to buy a new smartphone or even book plane tickets, vacations, accommodation, etc. They are one of the best systems to save Money easily on many products and services.

Very Easy to Get coupons

Despite what many may think, getting discount coupons online is very easy. You need to enter specialized portals such as and search for the store or brand for which you want to find discounts. Simple and easy!

Easy to Use

In addition to being very easy to get, another essential point is to talk about its use. Similarly, it is as simple as finding the code in the way mentioned above, copying it, and entering it in the indicated box in the shopping cart of the chosen store without further complications!


There is no problem if you like to buy from a PC, tablet, or mobile. You can use it in the online store from any platform. So its use is the same, and the benefit you get is identical, saving Money.


In general, discount codes can be used multiple times. So, for example, if you like an online store and frequently make purchases and have an exciting code, you can use it several times until it expires.

Can be Shared

If you want your friends or family to take advantage of the same benefits as you, you can send them the discount code so they can use it too. You can all use it and make purchases saving Money in the online store that you like the most.


As mentioned before, discount codes cover endless possibilities, from electronics, fashion, and travel to anything you can imagine. But in addition, these are issued frequently and are renewed in the discount portals periodically, so if today you can’t find the discount code for your favorite store. Don’t hesitate to try tomorrow as you may get it. Furthermore, most stores issue discount coupons periodically, so you can always use them when you want to purchase online and benefit from all its advantages.


Online consumers have an omnichannel profile. They imagine using any purchase channel (online store, physical store, Instagram, etc.) and choosing the while of day that suits them best to make it happen.

The result is that millions of shoppers use the internet every day to find and compare the prices of the products they want, which is why the competition between online stores is increasing.