If you want to start a YouTube Video Ideas or grow the one you already have, you probably already know the secret n. #1 to be a successful YouTuber is to be consistent. You need to regularly create videos for YouTube to show them to interested audiences and get the results you’re looking for. But we both know that this is much easier said than done. Bringing up the eternal question. Make videos about what?

Therefore, we have put together this exhaustive list in which we have put some of the best ideas in each category. And not only that, but in the end. We will also show you the exact steps you can take to generate new YouTube video ideas in your specific place.

Let’s go ahead!

  • First YouTube / YouTube Video Thoughts for Learners
  • Educational / Tutorial / DIY (crafts + history + science + politics + news)
  • Fun YouTube
  • Technology video / Software
  • YouTube beauty and fashion video
  • Ideas for fitness and health videos
  • sports video
  • home decor video
  • food video
  • Travel and Adventure Video Ideas
  • Productivity / Time Management / Self Help Video Ideas
  • YouTube Video Ideas
  • Hardware Experts
  •  for animal lovers
  • for Video Editors and Creators
  •  gamers
  •  for Photographers
  •  artists/performers
  • Movie and TV Show Video Ideas
  • finance video ideas
  • Real Estate Video Ideas
  • Video Ideas for Ecommerce
  • Video Ideas for Businesses/Organizations

BONUS:  Step by step on how to generate new ideas for YouTube videos

How to Generate the First YouTube Video Ideas?

When you’re just opening out, the most excellent way to create incredible videos is to tell your audience a little more about yourself and your story. So here are some concepts to get started.

  1. Introduce yourself

No need to plan a big video. You can sit in front of the camera and talk to your spectators like you would in person and introduce yourself, Make a video about your business or company. You can talk about your company goals.

  1. Present a series

If you plan to work on a video series, as a result your first video can introduce the series and what your audience can expect.

  1. Share your day

However Your journey to success is uniquely yours and can be twisted into great content. Telling your audience about the battles you overcame to get to where you are will allow them to be stimulated by your life.

  1. A day in the life

Recording your daily routine on video helps your audience see a little of your life. Here’s a video of a day in the life of a Silicon Valley Girl to give you an idea.

  1. Vlog Video Ideas

Imagine everything you would like to put on a blog, but instead, you record it on video. You can create a once-a-week vlog putting up the most exciting things from your week. If you have a business, check out how, a payment processing company, vlogs on YouTube.

  1. Make a video challenge (Challenge)

Start with something already trending on Youtube – like eating it or wearing it or the chubby bunny challenge. These YouTube challenges are fun to do and may become your first fun videos. They can also help you get your first sign-ups, as people like to search for videos about those challenges.

  1. Take a tour of your room, house, or workplace

Basically, give your audience a glimpse into their life by giving them a time in your workspace or living room.

  1. Review your favorite products

Your Firstly YouTube video could be simply reviewing and sharing your thoughts on your favorite products.

  1. Analyze your outfit of the day or share fashion ideas

However If you want to create fashion and lifestyle videos on your channel, you can make a video about outfit ideas or deconstruct your style.

  1. Share ideas

If you have ideas that make your life easier or better, it’s time to share them with your audience.

  1. What’s on your cell phone

Furthermore, if you like apps and technology, record a video showing your audience what’s on your cell phone. You can talk about the apps you use, what settings you’ve chosen, and how you work with them. Here’s an example.

  1. Channel Trailer

That is to say, importantly Make a Channel Trailer to show your audience what they can expect from your videos and how often you’d be posting.

  1. Transformation Video Ideas

However The story of your transformation can inspire many. Post a video about your change or your progress toward a goal.

  1. Tell your audience the things you have learned

Moreover you could talk about your learning journey from start to finish, show your audience the things you knew, or you can even talk about something you learned from your own experience.

  1. Share your recommendations

Meanwhile Make a list of your top advice on Netflix,  your favorite movies, or a  playlist of your favorite songs. In addition, these videos are a great way to get reactions from your audience, which will help you connect with them.