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IntroductionBoard Games Write for Us

Board games are a specific type of tabletop game that often include pieces or counters that remain moved on a board according to a particular set of rules. Board games vary significantly in complexity, with most including an element of chance and some presence based purely on case. For example, many board games require players to roll a dice, which depends mainly on luck, whereas others are more skill-based or focused on turn-taking.

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Types of Board Games

There are wide varieties and genres of board games for children. Some have no theme and rely more on the gameplay, while others embrace a specific music and narrative piece. Here are some examples of the different types of board games and some of their defining characteristics:

Abstract strategy board games

  • require two players; 1 vs 1
  • more reliant on skill than luck
  • no specific theme
  • examples include chess and chequers

Cooperative board games

  • players work together to complete an objective
  • players play against randomised game mechanics

Role-playing games (RPGs)

  • uses dice to randomise the mechanics of the game
  • very thematic, often including fantasy elements
  • relies on levelling mechanics so players can improve their character over time

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