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Choosing an excellent free Customer Management database program can be as complex as choosing a well-paid software. Once a program has been applied in the company, it is frustrating to discover that it does not meet expectations and start over with another program and a new learning curve. However, it is identical essential to have a CRM.

According to a SoftDoit study, 48% of the managers who participated in the survey could not work without a client management program. For this aim, in this article, we will analyze three software (client management) that offer a free version that, without a doubt, will be adapted to your SME.

  • Management software for clients
  • Client and project management software: Sinnaps
  • Customer database software: Free CRM software – Freshsales
  • Program to manage clients: HubSpot CRM
  • Ten reasons why you need one of these CRMs

Customer Management Software For Clients

  • Sinnaps: online project management software. It is a program to manage clients, projects, tasks, and other essential aspects of your company.
  • Free CRM Software – Freshsales: as its name suggests, a CRM program.
  • HubSpot CRM:  software to manage clients that you can integrate with your Google account.

You may also need human resource management software to improve productivity in your projects and increase customer satisfaction.

Client and Project Management Software: Sinnaps

With a clean and straightforward graphic environment, Sinnaps is a multi-tool program to keep track of clients, projects, tasks, and work routes.

Sinnaps will allow you to detect deviations, budget costs, measure earned value, and workflows, communicate with your team fluidly, or calculate optimized work routes.

It is not precisely a CRM or client management program, but it is a good option and a perfect combination for a specific CRM if your company requires it. For example, you can invite your clients to follow up on the projects and communicate with them to control every project change. In addition, it holds the vision of costs, permissions, and roles of the people who access each project.

Customer Database Software: Free CRM Software – Freshsales

Firstly This program to manage clients is very customizable. It is an easy-to-use customer relationship management platform primarily aimed at small businesses.

Above all Some particular features of this CRM make it stand out: it allows you to auto-complete the customer file with their data from social networks, including photos, without having to enter all the data by hand, it uses a scoring system to discern which prospects are potential customers and offers a 360º view of each customer. You can also work by territory and auto-assign options to your team—a scalable paid version.

Program to Manage Clients: Hubspot CRM

Similarly Its free plan offers you organization, tracking, and relationship with the client and the possibility of finding potential clients. Its pro version provides tools for email marketing campaigns and can integrate with your marketing automation software choice.

However motto is an intuitive and straightforward interface and eases for the user by accessing from the Google account of those who are a partner.

You Need One of these Terms of Customer Management

  1. Your memory is not perfect
  2. Business pipeline
  3. You need metrics
  4. States are important
  5. History is important
  6. Competition helps companies
  7. Never lose your data
  8. Predict your future
  9. Keep track of your tasks and events
  10. Be organized

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