Blue Diamond Cookware


Simply stated, Blue Diamond cookware is the best cookware I have ever used! For years I was sold on T-Fal. Until it quickly showed signs of warping and the nonstick surface flaking off. It also happened with Teflon and all the other nonstick cookware coatings I have owned and used in the past. I wouldn’t say I like those metals and toxins from the food I serve my family. Gross!!

Even though I only ever used plastic utensils with my cookware…there are some of my family members who used metal utensils. Doing so may have caused damage to those nonstick surfaces. So, this new-fangled nonstick surface tolerating metal utensils is just what my angst needed in the more fears of proper utensil usage. Though, knowing me, I will probably keep using plastic utensils. But if I don’t, I know my cookware and family are safe from harm.

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Why I LOVE Blue Diamond Cookware

  • The beautiful sparkly blue interior and exterior are appealing and pretty in my blue and white kitchen.
  • It is crazy nonstick like no other. I save calories and groceries because I no longer have to flood the pan with butter or oils to keep foods from sticking.
  • It’s toxin free! What a comforting feature when cooking for my family.
  • It’s oven and broiler safe. I love taking it from the stovetop to the oven and broiler. And I can even take it to the table if needed. It’s that functional. It’s that wonderful and pretty!
  • Since nothing sticks to it and it’s dishwasher safe, clean-up is always a breeze!
  • I should mention that it heats up quickly. So quickly that I feel like I turn around, and it’s ready to cook before I am. So, I use a lower heat setting when cooking with it. It means I’m saving money on my utility usage because it cooks so well and fast.
  • The glass lids are durable and help you keep an eye on the foods inside without lifting and peeking.
  • The pans and lids don’t warp! Always a pet complaint of mine when I have an excellent pan and it warps-Grrrrr!!
  • As I elaborated above, this fantastic cookware tolerates plastic and metal utensils without damaging the nonstick surface. It’s worth mentioning again.
  • These pans help me continue a frugal and delicious lifestyle with all their beautiful features.

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Blue Diamond Cookware Review

Blue Diamond is another nonstick cookware company entering the market with great pans that are easy and safe to cook. While the name Blue Diamond makes sense and looks exotic and luxurious, is the quality truly as good as it suggests?

This Blue Diamond Cookware review will try to answer these questions and more regarding this non-Teflon cookware product. Read on to find out more.

Blue Diamond Cookware

Blue Diamond nonstick coating is 5X more resistant, 4X faster, and 10X longest than traditional nonstick coatings. Being a toxin-free culinary utensil, it doesn’t cover PFAS and  PFE. The cookware is easy to clean, making it a great option to have in the kitchen. Blue Diamond is a nonstick pan that stands up to everyday life.

How Good Is The Heat Distribution?

The Blue Diamond dishonourable is constructed of a sturdy aluminium base. The company claims the diamond base conducts heat 4x more quickly than copper. While strictly correct, these claims are still entirely inaccurate. Most of the superficial material and the weight comes from the solid aluminium foundation.

Compared to copper, it responds less to temperature changes but does heat reasonably evenly. It does not look nasty. Your pot gets heated faster than the most fantastic, reliable copper cookware. It may be a bordering benefit, but it’s not the leading cause moving how slowly/quickly the pan starts heating.

How Good Is The Nonstick Property?

Ceramic-coated pans like Blue Diamond absorb nonstick coating compared to other popular cooking substances –  like stainless steel. The majority of kitchenettes prefer to use ceramic alternatives, citing health worries.

The instructions on the pan express you to use high-heat cooking oil to get maximum benefits. If you were hoping for seed to fall out without oil each time, you’d perhaps be disappointed. These features also fade with time and repeated usage.

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Is Blue Diamond Safe To Cook With?

Blue Diamond uses thermal ceramic for safe cookware to create a nonstick coating on its pane. Ceramic coverings are generally considered a healthy alternative to conventional nonstick PTFE coatings.

The brand allegedly speaks the pan is toxin-free for easy preparation. The coating complies with FDA guidelines and the Madrid Declaration, where researchers highlighted chemicals with toxic environmental impacts. It is said that the layer contains no heavy metals or environment-disrupting chemicals.


The booklet that comes with the cookware designates the duration of the item’s warranty. On an induction kitchen top, it’s harmless to use oven-safe cooked food. Dishwasher-safe is based upon builder information – however, many will endorse washing by hand.

This means cleaning up your cookware immediately after use is advisable. It should not be left in the basin overnight since it can delay the bottom of the aluminium pots and pans – a susceptible part to damage.

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How Durable Is The Blue Diamond Pan?

Blue Diamond claims their Thermolon nonstick coating will last ten times longer than traditional nonstick products. Most home-based appliance owners said frying pans would last almost a year when regular use was present.

Ceramic pans characteristically last less than two years. The blue diamond pan has a better common surface area than other nonstick ceramic choices. For the price, most consumers will accept that the pans will be changed sooner or later.

Features Of The Blue Diamond Set

Blue Diamond 16-piece cookware set is packed for maximum durability and convenience. This cookware topographies diamonds coated, making it five times more durable than all other models in the line.

There’s a non-toxic nonstick device without lead or CFAS, which announcements no toxic fumes. Its total volume is 16kg, with each part intended with lightweight steel. It features forged and extremely bright bases for extreme strength and durability.


Blue Diamond claims its nonstick coating lasts ten times longer than traditional nonstick. What is this? Based on my research and testing, standard nonstick pans typically last from one to five years, meaning the Blue Diamond coating coat could last ten years or even longer — a bold claim.

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