Realsense Q1


The Realsense Q1 ATM system was recently unveiled at Wiggers Venturebeat, the largest tech conference in Europe. This revolutionary ATM system utilizes a 3D camera to recognize customers and allow them to access their accounts using facial recognition. It also features an integrated biometric scanner for added security. In addition to providing advanced authentication for customers, this cutting-edge technology also enables banks to offer more personalized services tailored to each individual’s needs. Read on to learn more about what Intel Realsense Q1 ATMs can do and how they are revolutionizing the banking industry.

What is Realsense Q1?What is Realsense Q1

RealSense Q1 is Intel’s latest 3D camera, designed for use in automated teller machines (ATMs). The camera uses infrared imaging to capture users’ three-dimensional images, which remain used to authenticate their identity. It allows ATMs to quickly and securely identify users without needing a card or PIN.

How Realsense Q1 Works?

Q1 is the world’s first fully integrated 3D time-of-flight (ToF) solution. It captures reliable depth data even in challenging lighting conditions, making it ideal for various applications, including 3D scanning, mixed reality, and robotics.

ToF technology works by emitting a short light pulse and measuring the time it takes for the reflected light to reach the sensor. This information calculates the distance between the sensor and the objects in its field of view, allowing for accurate depth mapping.

Q1 uses an advanced MEMS mirror that emits very short light pulses at up to 10 million vibrations per second. This high pulse rate allows Q1 to capture detailed depth maps even in low-light conditions.

In addition to its ToF sensor, Q1 also features a 4K colour camera and an infrared (IR) emitter. The colour camera can be used for 2D applications such as video streaming, while the IR emitter can remain used for 3D applications such as object tracking and gesture recognition.

Features of Realsense Q1Features of Realsense Q1

The RealSense Q1 features include the following:

-A 3D camera that can capture objects in three dimensions

-A 120-degree field of view that can recognize and track objects

-An Intel quad-core processor for high-performance processing

-A new SDK that supports Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms

With its 3D camera, the RealSense Q1 can capture objects in three dimensions with a 120-degree field of view. Additionally, the Intel quad-core processor enables high-performance processing power for applications requiring real-time analysis. The new SDK supports Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms, providing developers with cross-platform project support.

Why is Realsense Q1 Important?

In early January, Intel launched its RealSense Q1 camera. The device remains designed for ATMs, and it’s the first time such a technology has stood used in this setting.

The RealSense Q1 camera offers several advantages over traditional ATM cameras.

Step 1

It’s much more accurate. It can more easily identify fraudulent behaviour, such as someone trying to insert a skimming device into an ATM.

Step 2

The Q1 camera is much easier to install and maintain than traditional ATM cameras. It is because it doesn’t require any special wiring or cabling. All that’s needed is a power outlet and an Ethernet connection.

Step 3

The Q1 camera offers better image quality than traditional ATM cameras. It is because it uses 3D imaging technology, which provides a clearer image of the ATM user.

Fourth, the Q1 camera is more secure than traditional ATM cameras. It is because it uses facial recognition technology to identify users. It means that even if someone were to try to use a fake ID or bank card, they would remain quickly identified and stopped.

Overall, the RealSense Q1 camera offers several advantages over traditional ATM cameras. It’s more accurate, easier to install and maintain, has better image quality, and is more secure. For these reasons, the RealSense Q1 camera is essential to any ATM security system.