What is Social Marketing?

What is social marketing? You watch TV. Voiceover plays as a sizzling skillet appears: “It’s drugs.” Then a man cracks an egg in the pan: “It’s your brain that takes drugs. Questions?”

You walk past a billboard or see an ad on social media where the iconic Smokey Bear urges you to help prevent wildfires.

What do these scenarios have in common? All of these are great examples of marketing or marketing for good. It is almost certain that you have encountered at least one.

But what is this marketing and what is not? What are the “4 Ps” of social marketing? What essential elements and strategies should you use when your business decides to engage in marketing? We’ve got all the answers right here, plus seven great marketing examples to help you brainstorm ideas for your campaign. Let’s dive!

Social Marketing: Definition

This marketing aims to bring about social change and does not directly benefit a brand. Using traditional Instead, singing techniques, raise

So in its place of selling a product, social marketing is “selling” a behaviour or lifestyle that benefits society to bring about the desired change. This common good is always in the foreground. And instead of showing that a product is better than competing products, social marketing “competes” with unpleasant thoughts, behaviours, or actions.

It Is Helpful Eor The Following Reasons:

Health and safety including:


against drugs

Encourage exercise and healthy eating.

save driving

station security

Environmental causes include:



Awareness of endangered species

Social Activism Includes:

Shed the struggles faced by people of colour, people with disabilities and more, inspiring people to question the mechanisms that create inequality.

against mobbing

Fight against gender stereotypes

Who starts these social marketing campaigns? Nonprofit organizations and charities run most social marketing campaigns. Government organizations also manage road safety coalitions and emergency services (police, fire, ambulance). But marketing isn’t out of the question if you’re a business. Commercial brands sometimes run marketing campaigns to be passionate about it.

The Importance of Social Marketing.

Well, think of “traditional” product or service ads. You are not convinced that you will discover a product or service solely through an ad (in fact, you reject the vast majority of the ads you see).

But how does a well-designed ad grab your attention? It takes a super creative angle that you weren’t expecting or makes you laugh, cry, or think. Of course, not all ads will convince you to evaluate the product or service advertising but the best use creativity or emotion to motivate people.

People don’t like when said what to do. So they may not be sold on the news and typically feature public service announcements on a specific social issue. Or they may not be aware of the problem or its magnitude.