Zealios V2 – How a Tangible Switch Should Be – Zealios 78g

Zealios V2 is a well-known switch developed by ZealPC in collaboration with Gateron, which came to compete with the popular Holy Panda switches. This particular Zelio in my hands weighs 62 grams, which is the lightest of the four Zelios weighing in at 62 grams, 65 grams, 67 grams and Zealios 78 grams.

These Zealio switches have a purple stem, on each weight, with a deeper purple with a darker stem.

I bought my Zealios V2 from KDBfans at $1 per switch, which like its brothers, the Tealios, Healios, and the recolors Sakurios & Rosélios, are very expensive compared to other mainstream switches which retail at merely $0.30 per switch. Despite the price, I think the Zealios are what everything who enjoys tactile switches should look into, they have a satisfying tactile bump as well as smooth actuation. I would describe the Zealios V2 as Brown switches on steroids, with the tactile bump being extremely prominent while still maintaining the smoothness I expect out of a comparitive linear switch.

Zealios V2 from KDBfans – Zealios 78g

The tactile bump also begins at the top of the switch which makes the tactile bump satisfying while not interupting the flow of general typing. Some may find this as a disadvantage to the Zealios because traditional tactile switches tend to have pre-travel, but the fact that the Zealios starts it bump at the top with no pre-travel is an excellent design, especially with the stem leg design and how it’s weighted.

The tactility comes from the way the legs of the stem are angled, ZealPC has crafted the stem leg’s design of the Zealios V2 to be angled at such a a way that the contact leaf generates an amazingly assertive tactile bump. The meticulous convex curve in the stem is the reason the tactile bump is so satisfying, and is ultimately the reason I see the Zealios as the ultimate tactile switch.

I lubed my Zealios with Tribosys 3204 on the housing sliders, center pole. As well as the top and bottom of the spring. As for the stem, I lubed every part of the stem, which means the sliders, front, back, bottom of the sliders, and even the legs.

Even with the stem legs lubed, it is still one of the most tactile switches I have ever used. And it’s a testament to the excellent design of the stem, and particularly the legs. As I mentioned before, the legs design is what gives the Zealios their amazing tactile bump. And it’s what makes the switch great, even lubed.

The switch is my absolute favorite tactile switch, despite the price. And everyone who prefers tactile switches should experience a Zealio switch for themselves.

One order = 10x switches.

All Zalio V2s have less wobble than Holly Pandas, while still being tactile with a bigger, smoother pump. The pump starts at the top of the stroke, with no forward travel.

“I assure you that Zelios is the channel of her feelings.” – Laughing Kumquat

Voted Best Modern Keyboard or Enterprise – Deskaturity Awards 2016

Zealio V2 switches come in 4 variants. They rank on the “bottom out” key, not on performance! Compared to our previous Zealios, version 2 of our switches have a greater tactile bump.

  • 62g – Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]
  • 65g – Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]
  • 67g – Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]
  • 78g – Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]

Tactile feel for different switch weights: Zealios 78g

  • 62g Zealio – Smooth, flexible and lightweight, slightly heavier than the MX Browns but offers a smoother experience with smoother and larger tactile pump feedback compared to the Holy Pandas. A lighter variant is Zealio.
  • 65g Gelio – Soft, long, tactile bulge from the top. Good pillow on the way down.
  • 67g Zealio – “Smooth and responsive” tactile feel with more cushioning when sitting lower than the 65g Zealio V2.
  • 78g Zealio – For those who prefer a slightly lighter MX Clear but want a bigger. Smoother pump than the MX Clears/Holy Pandas. The tactile bump is round and active at the top. From start to finish, the spring is heavier than any other Zealio variant.

Please note that PCB mounted switches can still be use in many plate mounted keyboards. As long as your PCB underneath has 2 extra holes next to the center post. It will support PCB Mounted switches and add extra rigidity to your build. If your PCB does not have the additional holes. Then you can simply cut the small plastic legs off to make them Plate-Mount!