Dumpor is a free tool or platform that allows you to view Instagram posts, stories, and other content anonymously. It is regarded as one of the best Instagram stalkers. The best feature of this app is that you don’t need to create an account to view other people’s Instagram profiles. You can watch them anonymously using this tool.

Instagram only allows you to view a limited amount of online information without logging in; instead, it forces you to do so. People frequently want to remain anonymous and watch content without being seen.

Dumpor is a service that allows you to browse Instagram profiles and stories without visiting or signing up for an Instagram account.

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What is Dumpor?

Yes! Dumpor is a private Instagram, Reel, Post, and Stories viewer that is free to use. You can look through your Instagram feed in private. Those who don’t want to be bombarded with advertisements or other obnoxious content but still want to keep up with the latest postings may appreciate this feature. Dumpor also has a search function that lets you look for specific users or hashtags in your feed.

The software was created to make social media browsing more straightforward and private for its users. You can use this to see what your friends are up to on Instagram without adding them as followers first. You can track your progress and see how many people have viewed your content. It is available for free on both iOS and Android smartphones.

How does a Dumpor Work?

It is a tool for analyzing your Instagram account. With the help of this browser extension, which employs an algorithm, you can learn more about your account and other information. Dumpor compares the performance of your social media account to that of your competitors.

It also provides data on which types of content perform best, which have the most engaged followers, and which articles receive the most likes, comments, and shares, among other metrics.

Dumpor, digital marketers and data scientists platform allow users to assess their social media accounts to improve their marketing efforts. A better understanding of their target audience can lead to more effective advertising.

Dumpor is an entirely free algorithm-based utility. Account statistics can be analyzed using algorithms to help you identify areas for growth. You can also use the tool to discover new ways to expand your social media footprint.

Why is this Useful?

Many people feel compelled to keep tabs on their ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends. They should be able to see what they are doing through online media, but they do not need to be aware of it. Furthermore, there is a sense of injustice being committed and a desire for vengeance.

Dumpor allows you to view Instagram stories and photos of your ex for free without even knowing you are doing it. While browsing for images from friends and relatives, you can search by labels in your area or other areas of interest, such as urban communities, neighborhoods, etc.

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What are the Key Features of Dumpor?

Free Service

You will not have to pay a single penny for using any of the facilities of the dumpor. In addition, the website does not hold your personal information, thus reducing the risk of your personal information being exposed by the website.

User-Friendly Interface

Using this website also has the virtue of being very user-friendly. Even a complete novice can understand where to start using this platform.

Download Anything

You can also download stories, pictures, videos, etc., very quickly and easily through the app. There is no restriction on Dumpor concerning download.

Browsing Instagram Anonymously

An Instagram profile owner can’t know that you’ve recently read their stories or downloaded photos while looking at someone’s Instagram profile on Dumpster. Isn’t it incredible?

Explore Hashtags

Plus, you’ll be able to scan through various hashtags in seconds. As a result, you can take advantage of this software and recommend it to others.

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How to use the Dumpor?

It is straightforward to use; you need to follow these steps:

Visit the Dumpor website.

Enter your desired user account

Select the Instagram profile you want to visit

View posts and stories on Dumpor without an IG account

With Dumpor, it is possible to search Instagram Stories without a user account. Is a great way to see posts that have been removed without leaving a trace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Dumpor really Work?

The simple answer to this is yes. Dumpor Instagram works because it allows you to view posts and stories without revealing your identity. It allows you to search Instagram for stories and posts related to certain regions or hashtags without an account.

Is it safe to use the dumpor?

Yes, using Instagram Story Viewer Dumpor is risk-free. This tool allows you to view posts and stories of any Instagram user. It does not store your data or information. It’s a simple program that lets you save Instagram content.

What is the purpose of the anonymous story audience?

With an anonymous Instagram story viewer, you can view stories and posts from anyone without an Instagram account. One such device is the dumpor.

Can you watch IG stories without using such tools?

Yes, you can browse Instagram Stories anonymously by turning on ‘Airplane Mode’ on your Android or iPhone smartphone. However, you will not be able to visit Instagram without an account or save stories as the Instagram audience actually provides these capabilities.

What is the average time frame for Instagram stories?

Instagram stories have a time limit of 15 seconds. The app or website will automatically split long posts into multiple 15-second snippets if they are available.

Is it possible for an Instagram user to know how many times a viewer has viewed their story?

The number of times a viewer has viewed your story is not yet available. On Instagram, each viewer is counted only once for each view.

Are there any downloading restrictions on Dumpor?

Not! There is no restriction regarding downloading anything on Dumpor. You are given the option to download photos, videos, stories, etc. Isn’t that great?

Is the dumpor easy to use?

Yes! It is straightforward to use. When he visits the website, even a novice will quickly know where to start, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

How much does a dumpor cost?

It is free of charge. Yes! The service is free; the best part is that it does not store your information, which means that your data will not leak.

What is the substitute for a dumpor?

If you cannot use the dumpor or don’t want to use it for any reason, you have as many options as possible. However, according to our research, the Picuki Instagram viewer tool appears to be the better one among the various alternatives.

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What are the Alternatives to Dumpor?

There are many options in this regard. To name a few, we have izoomYou, Instalkr, Pixwox, FastSave, Storiesgrams, Picuki, etc. If you’d like our recommendation for an alternative to Dumpor, we’d recommend Picuki. Picuki is a very easy-to-use Instagram viewer like Dumpor and offers excellent features.

15 Dumpor Alternatives to Download Instagram Stories


Pixwox is a great option for any Instagram user looking for a great way to view and download posts anonymously as an alternative to Dumpor.

You will be able to download and view Instagram posts, photos, and videos for free.

What’s more, the Instagram profile can be set to private or public, which is something that not every Instagram downloader can do.

Pixwox will also assist you in exploring various Instagram profiles, photos, and videos by displaying a list of popular accounts on their homepage. From the Pixwox homepage, you can search for an Instagram username.

Not only can Pixwox assist you in downloading photos and videos anonymously, but you can also investigate other social media accounts from the top right hand corner. They support Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

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InstaDp is another trusted tool comparable to Dumpor, providing users with numerous features that are completely free.

Users can search for a username and view tagged posts, Instagram stories, and hashtags, as well as download profile pictures, photos and videos, reels, and even Instagram stories highlights.

If you’re looking for an Instagram downloader tool with a user-friendly interface, InstaDp comes close.

Not only can you view an Instagram profile, but you can also view posts anonymously and download photos that you like.

You can save these posts and stories directly to your device, which is regarded as the best feature that contributes to its popularity.

Story SaverStory Saver

Story Saver is an excellent tool for users who want to save Instagram stories. The website is extremely simple to use, completely free, and does not require you to create an account.

To see all of the stories posted by that user, simply search for their Instagram username and click the Download button.

This tool only allows you to download content if the user has active Instagram stories; it does not allow you to download IG posts.

Story Saver is especially useful if you want to view an Instagram story anonymously, allowing you to remain in total stealth mode.

If you want to view and download Instagram stories without the profile owner knowing, Story Saver is an excellent Dumpor alternative.

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InstaStories makes it easy to find posts and stories, making it a viable alternative to Dumpor.

The app loads quickly and is simple to use. According to the main page of InstaStories, you can use their tool without creating an account and remain completely anonymous.

You’ll be able to download IG stories and photos directly to your phone or computer because the website is accessible from any device.

If you need help locating and downloading the images or stories, you can also read their FAQ.

When you search for an Instagram username, the full profile is displayed, including the bio, hashtags, stories, and publications.

You’ll even be able to see the user’s number of followers and posts, making it an excellent opportunity to view profiles online anonymously.


If you really want to see some Instagram content but don’t want to use Dumpor, Instalkr is a good alternative.

Instalkr is a fantastic app that displays all of the stories and photos that have been recently posted to an Instagram account. It is free to use, but you may want to consider upgrading to the premium version to gain access to additional features.

It’s also very convenient that Instalkr is available as an app because you can use it directly from your phone with a great interface that allows you to easily access the posts and stories that you want to download directly to your mobile device.

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Apart from Dumpor, SnapInsta is one of the most popular Instagram video downloaders, allowing you to download photos, videos, and stories from any Instagram account anonymously. Instagram reels can also be downloaded.

The app supports all types of Instagram photos and video URLs, including IGTV, and there is no need to first search for the Instagram profile.

Simply paste the URL that links to the Instagram story or other type of content, and you’ll be able to download it directly to your device.

If you want to access the URL for an IG story, it’s best to do so from a desktop because you can copy the link right from the web address bar.

Because the main purpose of this tool is to download Instagram, you won’t be able to use it to search for a specific Instagram account or see how many followers someone has.

However, it is a highly effective downloader that will complete the task quickly and, more importantly, for free.


Storiesgrams is another popular app that can help you discover and download Instagram posts. You’ll be able to download any type of Instagram content, from stories to posts to reels and even IGTV, anonymously.

You do not need to create or log into an account to use Storiesgrams, and the site is free to use, just like Dumpor.

When you visit the person’s Instagram profile, each post includes a download button so you can easily access the media on whatever device you prefer.

While there are some ads on Storiesgrams, this is pretty standard with almost any Instagram downloader and doesn’t cause any major issues with how well their services work.


Because of its sleek design and ease of use, Instasaved is a fan favourite among Dumpor alternatives. At the top of the homepage, you can see a variety of media, including:

– Narratives


– High Points

– Most recent posts

– Photo

– Profile Picture

– Video

Search for the user on the main website and download directly from there.

If you need assistance, a help page will walk you through the steps to easily save photos and videos to any device without requiring you to log in or pay for services.

You won’t be able to search for tags or hashtags, but you can access any IG profile with just a few clicks.

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Dumpor Instagram Viewer is a secure application that allows you to access any Instagram account without revealing your identity. So, now that you know about this story viewer, please feel free to leave any questions in the comments section below.

If you don’t want to sign up for Instagram, the Dumpor Instagram app is an excellent alternative. Viewing other people’s stories or browsing their profiles does not require you to log in to your Instagram account.

The owner of an account owns the content uploaded to IG Stories. Still, you can track down other accounts, download postings anonymously, and study other users’ comments and profiles. You can also read about other people’s experiences while sitting at your computer. This service is available to both free and premium accounts.

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