Buildots 30M Lightspeed


Buildots is an AI-powered process organization and site monitoring solution for the construction industry. With site progress taken through a 360-degree camera and original AI comparing plans and schedules to reality, Buildots enables the world’s largest and most sophisticated construction companies to stay ahead of emerging issues and reduce expensive rework.

Buildots 30M Lightspeed, a construction numerical twin company, gathered a $30 million series B round led through Lightspeed Ventures, bringing its total asset to $46 million. Buildots will use the new reserves to double the size of its comprehensive team, focusing on sales and R&D to develop its digital twin’s efforts, which use process mining methods to improve consequences as construction trades go digital.

Operationalizing Digital TwinsOperationalizing Digital Twins

While other concerns focus on the design or performance of 3D construction data, Buildots specializes in operationalizing it. Buildots has an intense gap between existing tools for design, scheduling, document management, and process controls that provide visibility into what’s happening on construction sites. The company focuses on higher-frequency updates and greater detail.

The Buildots tools bring process mining techniques to construction projects. Danon said the software could track the exact process by which construction projects remain built for the first time. Connecting these process models with the original design and schedule information is intended to help managers learn more about bottlenecks in their existing processes and how to get them right the first time.

In the background, Buildots’ AI algorithm double-checks new work against the plan, tracks progress, and updates an as-built digital twin model. The granularity of information in Buildots enables teams to drill down on any issue found on-site and take immediate action to keep the project on budget and schedule.

Improving 3D Model Quality

The platform can also identify quality gaps between the plan and what stood built. It is common for humans to miss some elements when manually comparing building documents to what they see.

Manual tracking processes tend to be infrequent; have low granularity; and rely on people’s objectivity, skill, and attention to detail. Once such processes are automated, teams capture details more frequently, reducing delays in resolving problems. It is also possible to drill down into construction progress at the level of an individual socket and its different stages of installation.

Transparent AI Builds TrustTransparent AI Builds Trust

The focus on updating and auditing the data trail across the lifecycle of a project is another critical feature. Today’s engineers and managers are generally comfortable using iPads or web applications in their day-to-day work. Existing market solutions such as PlanGrid, Procore. And others have paved the way for construction teams to use mobile apps on the construction site.

But all these tools require someone to enter data manually. In contrast, Buildots’ approach to digital twins automates this process and connects the data to an audit trail woven into AI models. This transparency allows construction teams to understand how conclusions about a particular project scheduling problem stood reached.

Buildots Raises $30M Construction SitesBuildots Raises $30M Construction Sites

One year after raising $16 million, construction technology company Buildots is back to claim another $30 million, this time in Series B funding.

Lightspeed Venture Partners led the round, with contributions from previous investors TLV Partners, Future Energy Ventures. Tidhar Construction Group and Maor Investments. It gives the company $46 million in total funding, Roy Danon, co-founder and CEO of Buildots, told TechCrunch.

The three-year-old company, with headquarters in Tel Aviv and London, is leveraging artificial intelligence computer vision technology to address construction inefficiencies. Danon said though construction accounts for 13% of the world’s GDP and employs hundreds of millions of people. Cconstruction productivity continues to lag, only growing 1% in the past two decades.

Buildots’ technology is addressing this gap using AI algorithms to automatically validate images captured by hardhat-mounted 360-degree cameras. Immediately detecting gaps between the original design, scheduling and what is happening on the construction site. Project managers can then make better decisions to speed up construction.


“Buildots is flawlessly capturing images and providing a level of insights that is so high. And that is why the company can command the price structure. And are receiving interesting commercial results,” Morgenstern said.

Using such, the company saw more than 50% growth quarter over quarter over the past year in the three countries in which it operates. It is now working with four of the top 10 construction companies in Europe and around the world.