If you are new to our community, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you. New members must read the full rules before posting or answering a post. Failure to read the rules is not an excuse, and if you violate them, your post will be removed. If you have a problem with a rule or have deleted a post, please contact us via Mod Mail. Repeat offences will result in a lifetime ban.

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Rules for Hardware Swapping

More specific guidelines can be found on the wiki. If you can’t find something covered by the rules, please send us an email with Mod Mail and ask for more information here. We make every effort to accommodate users on an individual basis, but we cannot rule in every case. On a case-by-case basis, we can and will decide what is and is not permissible. Lying to a mod or any other user in a community is not acceptable.

Hardwareswap Software

It is not permitted to trade related software or software goods in /r/hardware. Product keys, in-game objects, in-game currency, physical software discs, purchasing hardware permits/passes, raffle/contest entries, and beta invites are all examples. Rude or harassing behaviour by another community member remains prohibited, and repeated violations result in immediate and permanent prohibition.


Hardwareswap only deals in and sells tangible objects. Services of any kind, including item rental, are not permitted to be posted. Customized products such as sleeved cables, 3D-printed items, and keychains are not permitted unless they are manufactured by you. Buying/trading posts that are flagrant lowballs bidding or other ally considered low effort can and will remain removed at the discretion of the moderator.

Forbidden Items

Pre-commands, Gift Cards, Site Credit, and digital products such as games, software, and DLC games/expansions/addons are not permitted. Any trade that employs such methods is subject to suspension. These items are also not permitted for sale. Any trade between these items is unflavored, and repeated violations result in a permanent ban. Software may remain included with a for-sale item that is not available separately.

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If you remain scammed, the sub’s moderators will not remain held responsible. On the wiki, we have provided numerous resources to help prevent this from happening. A more detailed explanation of payment methods can remain found on the wiki. DO NOT submit your contact information or any other information. It includes information such as name, phone number, street address, email address, and so on. It will result in punitive action on your hardware and ban you from Reddit entirely.


If you have an issue with a trader, please notify the moderators before posting. Threads that have not stood approved may remain removed. Thread breaking is not acceptable. It does not include, but is not limited to, leaving comments that start or derail threads about buying, selling, or trading a product. In short, if the original poster does not assist you in making your trade, you should probably refrain from leaving a comment.

Vote Brigading

Do not follow a fellow user and vote down their posts. It is vote brigading, which is against Reddit and Hardwareswap rules. As a result, any user or mod issues should remain raised in Mod Mail. Confronting a user in a thread is unacceptable, and the original creator is impolite. It’s a platform for consumers, by consumers.

Use of Business

Companies, companies, and other commercial entities may participate in /r/hardwarewap but must meet the requirements listed below. An account can only remain used by one person. Accounts shared by employees or partners remain not permitted. In large part, bots, scripts, or other third parties remain not permitted to notice posts or contact users. Purchasing items in bulk for resale or drop shipping on other online selling sites remains prohibited.

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Compromised Accounts

To begin, all Reddit /r/hardwarewap users should enable Two Factor Authentication. It protects you and others under our authority. Failure to enable Two Factor Authentication opens your attack account. You remain permanently barred. If you have control over your account and it remains stood targeted, enable Two Factor Authentication and be happy to save it. Alter your password. Change your password as well.

Please Contact the Moderators

Hardwareswap moderators have the authority to make arbitrary decisions based on the facts at hand. Moderators can and will ban people who ask questions first. The moderator may request information such as PayPal invoices, PayPal email, mailing, billing address, tracking numbers, or different item timestamps for any reason they believe will help protect the community or create a business feeling.

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Understanding the Rules

The rules serve as a guide to the community’s expected behaviour and delivery. While we would like to describe every infringement that can result in the removal of a post or the ban of a user, we do not have the time or space to do so. If you have a question about whether or not something remains permitted, you have several options. The Discord Channel and Mod Mail are always open, and someone is present 99% of the time.

Mean permanent

Because you stood banned, this prohibition does not have to remain permanent. If you don’t know why you stood banned, we will ask you to respond nicely and informatively to the ban notification, and a mod will explain why you stood banned in detail. Arguing about the ban or criticising mods will almost certainly result in a permanent ban.

The Approval of the Primary Account to stay is being Evaluated

The approval of the primary account to stay remains stood evaluated on a case-by-case basis. When an alt account remains prohibited or not allowed to post, it violates the rules and both accounts are immediately and permanently banned. If you have a legitimate problem with a rule or believe that the way it stood described is flawed or incorrect, please post a Mod Mail about it here. However, we still expect to follow that rule.

Never, ever Delete Email

Never delete a post unless you have stood given permission to do so by a /r/hardwarewap moderator. References for future sales provide threads to reflect on. When you have sold, purchased, or completed a post to Closes when all goods have sold. When you delete a thread, we can’t easily determine why your post stood removed. So, after three days, we may advise you to post again.

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