Digital Printers/Cutters

TrueVIS™ SG2 Series Printer/Cutters

Digital Printers Build your business with a state-of-the-art Roland printer/cutter at an unbeatable price

  • Available in 162 cm, 137 cm, and 76 cm models.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified TR2 Ink (CMYK) expands the color gamut for ultra-vivid color quality.
  • 3M™ Warranty MCS™ and Avery Dennison™ ICS™ Warranty Program certifications for added confidence in your prints with TR2 inks.
  • High-performance print/cut technology with unsurpassed color quality and new cutting features at a very affordable price.
  • FlexFire™ printheads, increased print/cut accuracy, and automatic pinch rollers.
  • MobilePanel ® with Bluetooth technology.

TrueVIS™ SG3 Series Printer/Cutters

It would help if you had all the color, performance, and productivity to build a successful graphics business.

  • Large format printers were available in 137cm and 76cm models.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified TR2 inks (CMYK) combined with new True Rich Color 3 for exceptional color quality.
  • Efficiency equals production thanks to a 17.8 cm touchscreen LCD control panel, auto-calibration, and other intuitive, automated tools.
  • Automatic pinch rollers, new media clamp, and other high-efficiency features.
  • FlexFire™ printheads and precise contour cutting for exceptional product performance.

TrueVIS™ VG3 Series Printer/Cutters

Performance now matches color output in a printer/cutter that delivers more.

  • Large format printers are available in 137 cm and 162 cm models.
  • TR2 Inks in eight new configurations offer the most detailed color rendering and widest gamut.
  • Now efficiency equals production with a 17.8 cm touchscreen LCD control panel, auto-calibration, and other intuitive, automated tools.
  • Four FlexFire™ heads, automatic pinch rollers, a new media clamp, and new productivity features.
  • The maximum speed of 30.3 m²/hr.
  • Four and eight color configurations, with additions of Red and Green inks to achieve specific colors.

The complete solution for your traffic sign production.

  • A TrueVIS™ VG2 Series machine, software, and substratum solution for producing traffic signs meet industry standards.
  • Includes substrate roll, 5061 laminate, and a DU2 drying unit.
  • Create signs with traffic signal colors that meet ASTM, MUTCD, and FHWA standards and retroreflective equipment.
  • TrafficWorks™ Compliance Course for Roland DGA Traffic Sign and Graphics Producer Certification.

VersaSTUDIO® BN-20 and BN-20A Desktop Inkjet Printer/Cutters

Desktop production for graphic start-ups, artists, and fashion designers

  • Above all Print and outline cut heat transfers for apparel, decals, labels, posters, etc.
  • Now available in two models, including the BN-20A, at a lower price, which prints in CMYK only.
  • The most compact and affordable Roland DG printer/cutter.
  • The best printer in its class, it prints up to 1,440 dpi and delivers unsurpassed color quality.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Qualified Eco-Sol MAX inks are offered in CMYK and White.


VersaEXPRESS™ RF 640 8 Color Large Format Inkjet Printer

The best choice for professionals seeking the best in color, image quality, and mechanical reliability

  • Ultra-vivid color productions and reproductions
  • Extensive gamut with CMYK plus Light Black, Red, Green, and Orange inks
  • Up to 99%, Pantone ® + Solid Coated within the gamut
  • Maximum resolution of 1440 × 720 dpi
  • Rewind unit included

TrueVIS™ VF2-640 Digital Printers

Build brands, build your reputation, and build your success with absolute control and high color quality.

  • A large format printer is available with a width of 162 cm.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified TR2 inks in CMYKLcLmLk for superior color rendering.
  • 3M™ MCS™ and Avery Dennison™ ICS™ certifications for more confidence in prints.
  • FlexFire™ printheads, automatic pinch rollers, smart media locks, and enhanced printing features.
  • Four, seven, or eight color configurations include green, orange, and White ink options.

SOLJET EJ-640 Printer for High Production Volumes

Maximize your print shop production while reducing your ink costs.

  • Fast, high-volume production of banners, vehicle fleet graphics, and more
  • Advanced media system for long unattended production runs
  • Maximum resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi
  • The top speed of 102 m 2 /hr
  • EJ ink, with Gold Certification GREENGUARD, in CMYK or CMYKLcLmLk
  • Rewind unit included

Print out of Grande VersaEXPRESS™ RF-640

The professional choice for productivity and reliability at an intelligent price

  • Easy, fast, and accurate printing of banners, wraps, signs, and more
  • CMYKKYMC mirrored printhead configuration for maximum quality
  • Maximum resolution of 1440 × 720 dpi
  • The full speed of 48.4 m²/hr
  • Eco-Sol MAX Inks in CMYK with GREENGUARD Gold Certification
  • Rewind unit included

UV printers

VersaUV LEC2 Series Large Format UV Digital Printers/Cutters

Produce premium quality graphics for signs, labels, packaging, and presentations with more extraordinary elegance and impression.

  • Select from 64″ and 30″ UV LED printer/cutter representations.
  • A one-stop printing, cutting, and embossing device for premium quality signage and other graphic products.
  • True Rich Color quality for unsurpassed color vibrancy, color rendering, and image detail.
  • Print and cut flexible substrates from bags, foils, biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films, and offset printing substrates.

VersaUV LEC2 S-Series UV Flatbed Digital Printers

Discover New Applications, Customers, and Profits with a Flexible and Rigid All-in-One Printing Solution

  • Available in 30” and 64” printer
  • An all-in-one, rigid and supple printing device with an almost limitless range of custom graphics possibilities
  • Extraordinary submission versatility— print on signs, panels, boards, and products up to 7.87 inches in height and 2373 lb. in bulk
  • ECO-UV ink in twin CMYK or CMYK with Orange, Red, White, Reader, and Gloss ink for 3D textures and embossing

IU-1000F High Productivity UV-LED Flatbed Digital Printers

in short High-Speed ​​UV Printing and High Production Volumes to Expand Your Business and Revenue

  • Print right onto 1.2m x 2.4m substrate panels with heights up to 11cm.
  • Prints approximately 116m² in four color draft mode.
  • High-density, high-adhesion UV inks for full-color printing on metal, glass, and acrylic, including Pre-treatment ink.
  • Print vibrant, high-impact graphics on polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) board, foam board, corrugated board, wood, aluminum plate, etc.

VersaUV LEF2-300 and LEF2-300D Benchtop UV Flatbed Digital Printers

Fast and Expansive Printing on Demand for One or Many Items

  • LEF customization of large quantities of small items but or a single large item.
  • Print directly on resources up to 10 cm thick and an area of ​​76 cm × 33 cm, including tables, awards, electronics, etc.
  • Easy Positioning Fixture, Start Device Function, Head Refresher, and other new features optimize your printing processes.
  • ECO-UV inks in CMYK, in addition to White and Transparent Varnish for exclusive effects and finishes.

VersaUV LEF2-200 Benchtop UV Flatbed Printer

In other words, on-demand customization of a wide variety of products and substrates

  • Ideal for customizing one or more items on demand.
  • Print directly onto materials up to 10cm thick, including leather, fabric, ceramics, art canvas, etc.
  • Accessory for easy positioning, start timer function, head updater, and other new features optimize your printing processes.
  • ECO-UV inks in CMYK, in addition to White and Transparent Varnish for exclusive effects and finishes.

VersaUV® LEF-12i Desktop UV Flatbed Digital Printers

Most Profitable UV printing starts here

  • Compact machines for fast customization of specialty items
  • Print directly on resources up to 10 cm thick and 30 cm × 33 cm areas, including golf balls, key chains, smartphone covers, and more
  • Customize hundreds of objects and create new sources of income
  • ECO-UV inks in CMYK, in addition to White and Transparent Varnish for exclusive effects


Texart XT 640S Direct to Garment Printer

Get into High-Volume, Short-Run, and Specialty Item Manufacture with a DTG Printer that Makes it all so Easy

  • Crop graphic jerseys and apparel on-demand or in high-volume
  • 66” x 60” (cot size)— print on a variety of fabric crops and extents at once
  • Professional print results on bags, cotton layers, fashion accessories, décor, and so much more
  • INKU DTG pigment ink cartridges are ECO ID by OEKO-TEX® certified
  • CMYK plus White ink

Texart™ XT-640 High Volume Production Dye Printer

Therefore Non-stop production for the sign, graphics, décor, and apparel professionals

  • It is reliably built for fast, high-quality production in the long run.
  • 162 cm print width – built for rolled fabric printing.
  • Uninterrupted, unattended production with the automatic bulk ink exchange system.
  • Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow Inks: Create hundreds of attractive colors.
  • High-speed four-color printing or wide-gamut eight-color printing.

Texart™ RT-640 Sublimation Printer

in addition the world of sublimation with simply brilliant quality, productivity, and value

  • Profitable, flexible sign applications, apparel, decorations, promotions, etc.
  • 162 cm print width – built for printing on rolled fabrics.
  • An integrated system of bulk inks.
  • Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow Inks: Create hundreds of attractive colors.
  • Four or eight-color ink modes.

Texart™ RT-640M Multi-Function Sublimation Printer

Versatility in sublimation with printing on transfer paper, as well as direct-to-fabric production

  • Texart™ SBL3 inks in CMYK (×2), CMYKLcLm plus Orange (Or), Violet (Vi), Fluorescent Pink (Fp), and Fluorescent Yellow (Fy)
  • High-performance printing on fabrics and hard goods: direct-to-fabric printing optimizes the production of flexible signs and banners
  • Perfect for backlights, ChromaLuxe metals, apparel, decorations, promotional items, and much more
  • Integrated bulk ink system